Vuzix M400

The Smart Glasses with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1, ideal for companies


Vuzix presents the latest generation Smart Glasses of the M series, designed for businesses. Presented last February at the MWC in Barcelona, they had to be included in the big Brochesia family.

M400 are a follow-up of M300.

These devices have a new platform, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ XR1. The platform Snapdragon XR1 is the first dedicated XR platform, specially built by Qualcomm Technologies, an American company that is already a Brochesia partner. XR1 is designed to have high quality video, audio and interaction experiences on smart glasses. Brochesia solutions will give its customers the best performance: audio and video streaming, video recording, multiconference among 3 users.

Vuzix has a long history of leadership in the sector, and skills in the production of innovative wave-guide systems such as in the Vuzix Blade. Vuzix‘s relentless commitment to ergonomic shape factors combined with the power of the XR1 will help bring smart glasses to a higher level of innovation.

Vuzix‘s focus on wearability, experience and shape factor combined with XR1 will bring smart glasses to the next level.

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Why choose Vuzix M400?

Besides being the follow-up to M300 and M300XL it has new features to discover:

Snapdragon XR1: this powerful and XR-specific platform enables a more advanced AR experience and better energy consumption.

Touchpad and vocal commands: allows users to interact with smart glasses by voice and touch.

Head and motion tracking: offers business users a more intuitive and fluid way to interact with AR.

Vuzix has designed the vuzix M400s to offer a more immersive user interface (UI) and experience (UX)

The M400 is the next evolution of the successful M series product line:

It is a device with an ergonomic and robust shape

Works on Android 8.1 (updatable OTA)

All the accessories of the M series are compatible

High quality camera with image stabilization and auto focus (PDAF) for faster scanning with a wider scan range.

OLED display with high contrast

USB-C connectivity, better noise cancelling, a multi-finger supported touchpad, built-in GPS, and more.

Contains the Qualcomm Spectra ISP, consisting of dedicated hardware and software algorithms for images and videos of excellent quality.

Integrated display processor with hardware accelerated composition and 3D overlays and support for the main APIs, allowing users to experience a breathtaking and wonderful immersion in Augmented Reality.

The platform also offers advanced vision processing so that users experiencing AR can move and interact with augmented objects.

The Snapdragon XR-1 processor offers an ARM-based multi-core CPU, the Qualcomm AI engine and a vector processor. This allows the processing of machine learning algorithms on the device, enabling a higher augmented reality experience.

This new technology together with Brochesia software solutions will create an innovative tool for companies thanks to the use of Augmented Reality.

Whoever wears the latest generation Vuzix devices will be able to carry out their tasks hands-free and, through the Brochesia features, have a visual field in which images and drawings will be anchored in the space in order to support the technician / worker in their work.

Different sectors

Improvement of noise cancellation and audio (three microphones), including options for voice assistance always active. It is device that is suitable even for difficult environments in which communicating can be complicated.

Voice control (customizable, and supports multiple languages), three buttons, two Axis touchpads with multi-finger support.