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The software evolution of remote collaboration

b view brochesia realtà aumentata

B View

Thanks to B View Augmented Reality software and its numerous features designed for you, you can offer effective and rapid remote assistance, overcoming any obstacles that may arise in the field. Organize your meetings, video call, chat, and work with anyone, wherever you are.

Collaborate with ease, share and acquire information in real-time, record your sessions, and share your experiences!

Do you need to solve a problem on-site?

With the Brochesia Augmented Reality, the solution is truly in the eye of the beholder
B View Brochesia passo 1

Get in touch
with the remote expert

B View Brochesia passo 2

Share your point
of view and show the issue

B View Brochesia passo 3

Run the instructions whilst being connected

B View Brochesia passo 4

Solve the problem by cooperating!

Redefine your business processes

Increase the productivity of your ideas: rethinking business processes in a 4.0 key allows you to increase efficiency and quality of the finished product, while sharing the best global practices.

Reduce costs, time and errors

Keeping connected with remote experts allows you to reduce the margin of error on-site and the execution time of tasks, increasing economic savings. Keep your work organized, together!

Distantly together

Teamwork doesn’t stop with a new form of remote collaboration! Share your field of vision and expertise, strengthen relationships, and meet work challenges with a fresh set of eyes.

Discover the B Suite solutions

B Step

With B Step, you have the ability to follow the workflow by viewing content in Augmented Reality directly from your device.

You can perform checks and maintenance, check the requirements of your customized Digital Workflow, and generate detailed automatic reports after the work is completed.
In this way, you constantly keep track of improvements made and difficulties overcome.

B Demo

Make your visitors feel like they are inside your showroom! You can speak with your customers through private demo sessions and easily show your products, facilitating the sales process. There are many unforeseen events that can take the customer away from the offer and keep the buyer distant from the exhibition rooms: thanks to B Demo and an elegant wearable device you can generate a new connection!

B Take

Optimise the warehouse’s goods management processes and provide the necessary support for logistics activities. Open B Take, choose your work list and follow the directions on storage and destination of each product. Works more safely eliminating the uncertainties on the logistics. The organization of your warehouse and the data for each product will have no more secrets for the operators!

Increase the engagement with the new solution Pic+ AR

Pic+ AR

Pic+ AR is the ideal solution for showing your content or interactive insights in Augmented Reality.
Transform your marketing strategies, increase sales and create interactive walkthroughs for your customers.

With Pic+ AR you can create unique experiences by leveraging the power of an Augmented Reality app to promote your content and products.

Pic+ AR Realtà Aumentata Augmented Reality Brochesia

Visualize compelling experiences with your content in Augmented Reality

With the new Pic+ AR solution you will be able to engage customers and employees

The customer finds the reference image in-store or anywhere else

Apri l'app di Brochesia

Opens the Pic+ AR app on the smartphone

Scans the reference image

Visualizes content in Augmented Reality

Benefits of Brochesia solutions

Zero business trips

Hands free to perform tasks

Remote collaboration and live ideas sharing

Improved safety on difficult workplaces

Costs and time reduction

Reduction of CO2 related to travel

Staff training

Recording and reporting of every intervention

Reduction of errors

Customization and brand awareness

The perfect software suite to share your experience remotely with workers, operators or trainers.
Our solutions facilitate the distribution of information and the problem solving process, with the advantages of Augmented Reality.

Choose Brochesia! Our support team will help you in training your staff and will always be by your side in using our digital solutions.
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