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technology for growth

We believe that the feature of contemporaneity is the strong impact of technological innovation on the lives of individuals and organizations, and that’s why we want to put technology at the service of companies and growth.

We devise Augmented Reality (AR) software solutions for Industry 4.0 and Healthcare.

The softwares allow you to address many business needs and are designed to be used through the use of Smart Glasses (smartphone and tablet)  with the advantage of employing a wearable technology that allows you to work with your hands free.

our smart glasses

Benefits of smart glasses


Hands-free use, without compromising your operational capabilities

Instructions and Reports

Constant visual access to your technical documentation, in any place, at any time


You can start a video call between the users of the web portal and a device of your choice: smart glasses, smartphone or tablet

Brochesia Cloud

Your content is saved directly in the Brochesia Cloud

Dedicated web portal

You will have access to the Brochesia platform. A portal with an easy and intuitive interface

Real-time content

Each file can be viewed at any time and in real time directly on the lenses of your smart glasses or on the display of your smartphone or tablet

Augmented Reality

Your technicians can share their surroundings with a remote expert who can integrate the technician’s view through Augmented Reality

Photo and video

Take pictures, record videos, organize your audiovisual material and choose the best use for your company

What our customers say about us…

areas of use


Produce more, with less inefficiency thanks to Augmented Reality: become 4.0


Manage orders and goods with Augmented Reality and reduce operating times and error rates


Improves communication between geolocated technicians in sites that are far from each other


Maintenance activities are carried out thanks to a remote support. The specialist supports the technician in all tasks, accompanying him step by step wherever he is

Cultural heritage

You can live a 360 degree experience, immersed in art, thanks to Augmented Reality


Increase the efficiency of your clinic: discover all the possibilities


Perform maintenance and quality checks on all your systems from a unique location


It supports the technicians on the road for inspections and inspection activities in ICT systems


Carry out on-site inspections and in real time check certifications and quality controls through the sharing of files and information in real time

Armed forces and security

Security agents and armed forces have the ability to monitor and carry out surveillance activities even from remote, collaborating with those in the field in real time

integrated and versatility solutions

Brochesia solutions are designed to integrate perfectly into the production processes in order to improve and enrich them thanks to the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and cutting-edge technologies. Versality and flexibility of

Brochesia solutions combined with new wearable technologies make them an essential ally for companies wishing to keep up with the times.

Our solutions can adapt to many industrial sector: health, safety, inspection, industry, auditing, automotive, logistic and energy.

Our solutions

The interview with Christian Salvatori, BROCHESIA, made at Smart Building Expo 2019, at Fiera Milano, Rho from 13 to 15 November 2019.


The Digital Workflow for the companies

your best ally

Whatever your business needs, Brochesia Augmented Reality solutions are reliable and efficient support tools for achieving your goals.

Our softwares are powerful allies for installation and maintenance of machinery; for construction and assembly; for staff training and resource coordination. Everything with a considerable saving of time and money.

possible uses


Perform assembly and maintenance of the machines remotely, reducing time, costs and errors


Organize step by step tasks for your employees; each operation will be tracked and analyzable


Transfer skills and know-how to you staff remotely or using Augmented Reality recorded material

No more expensive trips

Your technicians will no longer need expensive, long-lasting and exhausting journeys

mobile augmented reality

tablet & smartphone

Brochesia solutions are compatible with any kind of android mobile device (smartphone and tablet), in order to give anyone the opportunity to exploit the benefits offered by Augmented Reality without using Smart Glasses.

compatible devices




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