Meta Quest

Virtual Reality devices for your needs


Enter the world of Virtual Reality with Meta Quest visors and discover new possibilities for you and your business.

Equipped with displays with Refresh Rates up to 90 and 120 Hz, Meta devices use pancake lenses and provide a wide field of view. Their design is comfortable and Snapdragon XR2 processors provide excellent, smooth performance.

Meta’s Virtual and Mixed Reality devices, are not designed solely for gaming.

In the same way, in fact, they can provide your company and your employees and colleagues with opportunities for immersive experiences that are useful for training new staff and improving the efficiency of operations.

Used at home or in front of a PC, in an operational environment or in a museum setting, Meta’s devices are the perfect tool for your Virtual Reality experiences.

Do you want to use Meta Quest in your company?

Meta devices

Meta Quest 3

  • Infinite Display 4K+ with 25 PPD and 1218 PPI
  • Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 Platform
  • 2 RGB with 18 PPD cameras
  • Hand tracking through 4 IR cameras and 2 RGB cameras
Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro

  • 10 advanced VR/MR sensors
  • Snapdragon XR2+ platform optimized for MR and VR
  • 3 microphones, 4 speakers, 2 3.5 mm jacks
  • 256 GB of storage space
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