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The name Brochesia comes from a particular type of chameleon, the “Brookesia”: indeed, the vocation of the company has always been, since 2014, to adapt its solutions to the ever-changing needs of the way of working.

We develop intuitive software designed for the latest generation of wearable devices. Our digital solutions are created to anticipate the needs of our customers: improving the management of business processes and developing collaborative work environments to reduce operating costs and time. 

Through our digital applications we create connections between different people and sectors, and we make possible the meeting of remote skills to find the best solution together.

What they say about us

“Brochesia is helping us in our journey to digital transformation; they are a very trusted partner with a consolidated experience in AR software solutions and smart glasses. Finally, we are exploring new possible applications of Brochesia software in the company. I'm sure they can give us the right tools to enhance our Digital Transformation, improving both our production process and business performance”.

“Utilization of Brochesia's AR technologies allowed Osai to be able to provide remote assistance to its customers all over the world, guaranteeing the direct support of an expert technician at any time and allowing, not only to reduce time for intervention, but also to reduce travel costs for customer and company”.


We believe in the importance of technological innovation of contemporary social systems and in the possibility of generating a positive impact on individuals lives and professional realities, through the interconnection of skills and cultures for a global overview and for the reduction of limitations on work and interpersonal relationships.


We are a team of professionals with complementary skills which, through the development of 4.0 technologies, can create connections of value for the generation and sharing of best practices, to facilitate professional activities and improve the business performance of the customers. We transform the aim of a common growth into wearable solutions.

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Do you speak Italian? We are always looking for passionate and resourceful collaborators to join our team. If you are interested, take a look at the currently available opportunities.

Our digital solutions help reduce environmental impact

Among the advantages of remote work there are not only a significant reduction in costs, times and errors, but also a decrease in travel and business trips, which contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and a consequent lowering in pollution levels.