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Remote collaboration in Augmented Reality

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What can you do with B View?

B View is Brochesia’s Augmented Reality software designed to collaborate remotely and support you in your everyday work.
Whether you need to provide remote assistance, conduct trainings, perform inspections, or participate in telemedicine sessions, B View is built to facilitate remote collaboration, making your work more efficient than ever.

B View integrates seamlessly with devices such as Smart Glasses, PCs, smartphones and tablets. This means you can make calls, initiate streaming audio/video sessions, share your view with your collaborators, take photos, record videos, access documents, and take advantage of advanced Augmented Reality features, all through one solution!

Not only will you save time and operational costs by avoiding on-site travel, but you will also have a significant reduction in downtime, and thus an increase in productivity.
By decreasing travel and improving supply chain efficiency, you can reduce the emissions and environmental impact of your business by leveraging Augmented Reality as a sustainability tool.
B View is the answer to modern needs, offering you an innovative way to manage your work activities effectively and collaboratively.

Do you need to solve a problem on-site?

With the Brochesia Augmented Reality, the solution is truly in the eye of the beholder
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Get in touch
with the remote expert

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Share your point
of view and show the problem

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Run the instructions while connected

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Solve the problem by cooperating!

B View: wearable collaboration

If you are interested in trying B View

Contact us to request a free trial: we will show you how our solutions work and the advantages of Augmented Reality. Or try our solutions for free for 14 days directly on your devices!

Select the subscription plan that is right for you

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If you are satisfied and choose to subscribe to a plan, our support team will help you in company training and use of our software


B View: for a one-to-one collaboration
in Augmented Reality

Collaborate directly from your web station with a field operator wearing Smart Glasses or using a mobile device.

Combining professional skills by sharing your field of vision has never been easier!


The ideal plan for teams who want to work remotely with B View

Do you coordinate or collaborate with a large team or one operating in different locations?

Connect your team and allow them to work remotely in real time!



B View + B Step, the perfect combination of work planning and execution

Combine remote collaboration and digital workflows in your subscription plan.

Perform all your activities from remote, design your AR workflow and share it with the field operators!


An exclusive and personalized solution,
tailor-made for you

Collaborate with no limits! Design with us your B View customized version that meets all your professional needs.

Select all the options most suitable for you: from the on-premises installation to the customization with the White Label portal and much more!

B View at work: some practical examples

Address operational problems quickly with Brochesia’s B View Augmented Reality solution.
If you are an operator and have encountered a critical problem on a piece of machinery that is negatively affecting your plant’s production cycle, don’t worry!
With the B View solution, you can overcome challenges without having to wait for the technician to arrive at the plant.

By wearing Smart Glasses, you will have the ability to transmit real-time video and audio of the situation to the remote technician. This will enable him or her to quickly assess the status of the machine and provide you with detailed instructions to solve the problem.
In addition, thanks to the secure storage of information on Brochesia’s cloud platform, every detail of the intervention will be tracked, ensuring efficient management of service activities.

B View can have several applications in the medical field.
For example, it can be used for training young doctors or for consultations between specialists.
It can be a valuable tool on board ambulances and emergency vehicles to allow paramedics and medical workers to share their views with the station and receive directions in Augmented Reality.
Similarly, it can also be used in emergency rooms or intensive care units to receive support during particular procedures.

Through the use of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality, all activities can be performed hands-free.

Tackle machine installation and maintenance with safety and efficiency. Use Smart Glasses to keep both hands free while performing procedures, while B View gives you instant and intuitive access to necessary documentation.

Keep your operational capacity at its peak by completing the task safely and quickly. Optimize your productivity with B View’s advanced Augmented Reality technology for hassle-free maintenance.

With B View, you no longer need to summon employees to headquarters or make time-consuming trips to do training.
Wearing Smart Glasses, you can demonstrate new procedures in real time by sharing your point of view to all employees connected to B View, eliminating any barriers.
Training sessions can be saved to the Brochesia cloud for future access, enabling continuous and flexible learning.
Revolutionize corporate training with B View’s Augmented Reality for continuous improvement of your employees’ skills.
You are an operator and have detected a problem on a machine that is blocking the production cycle of your plant. The technician is a two-hour away from the factory, but thanks to B View he will be able to guide you step by step from his place of work. Wearing the Smart Glasses you can send video and audio streaming of what you see, and in a few minutes the technician will be able to evaluate the machine status and guide you to solve the problem. In addition, the storage on the Brochesia cloud of the information collected during the assistance activity guarantees the traceability of the interventions, and gives the technicians the opportunity to share experiences.
A patient needs urgent medical attention. Once you get there, you realize you need to quickly share his status with specialist staff and receive instructions. Thanks to B View combined with Smart Glasses, the operator can send clear and real-time images of the patient, and receive information in a timely and precise manner.
You need to carry out some maintenance activities on a machine. You can do this on your own, but you need the support of documentation as you go through the several tasks. Wearing the Smart Glasses, you can use both hands to carry out the procedures and, in the meantime, check the documents you need through B View: your operational capacity will not be compromised, and you will complete the task safely and quickly.
You need to train the staff of your company, located throughout the country, on some procedures related to new equipment. You should gather the employees on site or go to the different plants, with a great waste of resources and time. But, with the help of Smart Glasses, you will be able to show all employees connected to B View the new procedures directly from your point of view in real time. At the end, the video can be saved on the Brochesia cloud and be shown again in other training sessions.

Benefits of Brochesia solutions

Zero business trips

Hands free to perform tasks

Remote collaboration and live ideas sharing

Improved safety on difficult workplaces

Costs and time reduction

Reduction of CO2 related to travel

Staff training

Recording and reporting of every intervention

Reduction of errors

Customization and brand awareness

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