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What can you do with B Step?

B Step is Brochesia’s software that helps you manage and execute operational processes with the visualization of digital workflows and Augmented Reality content on Smart Glasses and mobile devices.

B Step, which can also be activated together with B View, supports operators in the management of the entire activity cycle, accompanying them from planning to the execution of individual tasks to the writing of end-of-process reports, which are automatically generated by the software.

In addition, B Step also provides support for operations in more remote locations, in situations of absent Internet connection.

Using B Step with Smart Glasses, you can view all the steps on the display and perform the procedures correctly, safely and with full freedom of movement.

Do you want to facilitate the execution
of operational processes?

With Brochesia Augmented Reality, the solution is truly in the eye of the beholder
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Download the workflow
designed by your expert

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View AR procedures
in real time

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execute work process tasks

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View the
report of operations

If you are interested in trying B Step

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B Step at work: a practical example

When an operator has to carry out a lengthy machine installation task, he needs to have the documents and manuals with him to perform the procedure optimally.

Through B Step, it is possible to provide the operator with the entire procedure, actions and tasks he needs to perform.

By simply wearing the Smart Glasses, the operator will be able to see all the steps clearly and quickly on his display, and with both hands free, he can easily complete the task with precision, speed and in total safety.

Controllo qualità B Step

Through B Step, companies can provide their operators with a tool to plan activities and guide them through each operational step.

By executing digital processes, the operator will be able to ensure and verify product quality and safety standards.
Each verification will be automatically recorded and archived by generating a report, enabling detailed analysis even at a later date.


An operator has to carry out a long operation of installation of machinery, and during the activity he needs several documents and manuals with him to perform the procedure without making mistakes. Furthermore, the machine is located in an area not covered by a Wi-Fi signal. You decide to reproduce the entire procedure, the details of the actions to be performed and all the different tasks in B Step, and upload everything to his Smart Glasses. The operator, wearing the Smart Glasses, is able to clearly view all the steps on his display, and with both hands free he can complete the activity with precision, speed and safety.

Benefits for your company

business trips

Hands free
to perform tasks

Remote collaboration and live ideas sharing


physical distance

Reduction of CO2
related to travel

Recording and detailed reports of every interventions 

 Improved safety in difficult workplaces

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