Pic+ AR

Pic+ AR: Augmented Reality experiences and content

Pic+ AR Realtà Aumentata Augmented Reality Brochesia

What can you do with Pic+ AR?

Pic+ AR is Brochesia’s new solution that allows you to create Augmented Reality experiences!

Attract your audience’s attention, create innovative campaigns, promote your content and achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Pic+ AR offers a wide range of possibilities, from training students and employees, to creating digital cultural trails for visitors, to providing essential information for industrial production and maintenance.

Unlike B View and B Step, Pic+ AR is designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets, offering total flexibility in accessing Augmented Reality experiences. In fact, users simply download the app and scan the referenced image to immediately view immersive content.

Say goodbye to cold, impersonal QR codes! With Pic+ AR, users can enjoy space-anchored images, videos, 3D models and PDFs by leveraging an Augmented Reality app without the need to go through a browser, unless you want to add links to your online store or insights. Reach new audiences or engage existing ones even more effectively. With Pic+ AR, the solution is literally at your fingertips.

How does Pic+ AR work?

With Brochesia Augmented Reality the solution is at hand

Customer finds reference image in store or any other place

Apri l'app di Brochesia

Opens the Pic+ AR app on your smartphone

Scans the reference image

Displays the contents in Augmented Reality

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B View: for a one-to-one collaboration
in Augmented Reality

Collaborate directly from your web station with a field operator wearing Smart Glasses or using a mobile device.

Combining professional skills by sharing your field of vision has never been easier!


The ideal plan for teams who want to work remotely with B View

Do you coordinate or collaborate with a large team or one operating in different locations?

Connect your team and allow them to work remotely in real time!



B View + B Step, the perfect combination of work planning and execution

Combine remote collaboration and digital workflows in your subscription plan.

Perform all your activities from remote, design your AR workflow and share it with the field operators!


An exclusive and personalized solution,
tailor-made for you

Collaborate with no limits! Design with us your B View customized version that meets all your professional needs.

Select all the options most suitable for you: from the on-premises installation to the customization with the White Label portal and much more!

Pic+ AR at work: some practical examples

Pic+ AR sales

Do you want to propose promotional video campaigns or new offers and services to your customers and potential new customers?
Do you want to provide informative content about your products, also showing how they are made, enhancing all their qualities? Do you want to exclusively show a new product to your most loyal customers with a 3D model that they can study 360 degrees in the space in front of them?

Pic+ AR offers you the possibility to do all this in a simple and intuitive way, with an Augmented Reality solution that allows you to create innovative and immersive experiences. You can update them as and when you want, without the need to create different QR codes and increasing your brand awareness by making use of clear and easily distinguishable images, such as your logo.

Upload your content to the platform, making it immediately accessible for customers who have downloaded the Pic+ AR Augmented Reality app.
The process is simple: they simply scan the reference image you’ve provided to receive detailed information in an innovative and engaging way.

Leverage Pic+ AR to enhance your marketing strategy and deliver unique experiences to your customers, increasing interaction and retention.

Pic+ AR Education

Say goodbye to photocopying and welcome a modern, eco-friendly approach to teaching.
With Pic+ AR you can turn your students’ smartphones into an essential educational tool, stimulating their curiosity about new technologies such as Augmented Reality.

Leverage textbook images, which you can associate content with, to create engaging experiences.
With Pic+ AR, you can provide interactive insights accessible to the whole class, turning learning into an engaging and even playful experience with an Augmented Reality app. Ditch the traditional method and embrace a new era of innovative teaching with Pic+ AR!

Pic+ AR culture

Optimize your exhibition guide and enhance your art events with Pic+ AR! Save on equipment costs and create engaging and innovative experiences. Thanks to Pic+ AR, you can develop Augmented Reality pathways that allow visitors to explore artworks and access dedicated content, all through the participants’ smartphones or tablets. Offer self-guided tours rich in information and insights, allowing your audience to have a unique experience.

With Pic+ AR, your exhibition guide becomes an interactive and engaging experience, increasing the attractiveness of your events and improving audience engagement.

Pic+ AR support

By placing the reference images, to which the experiences are linked, in strategic places, you can provide quick support to your employees or customers, who will simply scan the images with Pic+ AR to receive information on certain procedures or machines, technical specifications or demonstration videos. 

The position of the contents, anchored in Augmented Reality in the space surrounding the point of intervention, favors a correct and fast execution of the operations.

You are an operator and have detected a problem on a machine that is blocking the production cycle of your plant. The technician is a two-hour away from the factory, but thanks to B View he will be able to guide you step by step from his place of work. Wearing the Smart Glasses you can send video and audio streaming of what you see, and in a few minutes the technician will be able to evaluate the machine status and guide you to solve the problem. In addition, the storage on the Brochesia cloud of the information collected during the assistance activity guarantees the traceability of the interventions, and gives the technicians the opportunity to share experiences.
A patient needs urgent medical attention. Once you get there, you realize you need to quickly share his status with specialist staff and receive instructions. Thanks to B View combined with Smart Glasses, the operator can send clear and real-time images of the patient, and receive information in a timely and precise manner.
You need to carry out some maintenance activities on a machine. You can do this on your own, but you need the support of documentation as you go through the several tasks. Wearing the Smart Glasses, you can use both hands to carry out the procedures and, in the meantime, check the documents you need through B View: your operational capacity will not be compromised, and you will complete the task safely and quickly.
You need to train the staff of your company, located throughout the country, on some procedures related to new equipment. You should gather the employees on site or go to the different plants, with a great waste of resources and time. But, with the help of Smart Glasses, you will be able to show all employees connected to B View the new procedures directly from your point of view in real time. At the end, the video can be saved on the Brochesia cloud and be shown again in other training sessions.

Benefits of Brochesia solutions

business trips

Hands free
to perform tasks

Remote collaboration and live ideas sharing


physical distance

Reduction of CO2
related to travel

Recording and detailed reports of every interventions 

 Improved safety in difficult workplaces

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