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Augmented Reality software solutions

Despite the automation processes brought by the so-called fourth industrial revolution and the IIoT, nowadays 80% of the jobs still are on the field, away from computers and often without any technological support: it is mainly with this immense workforce in mind that we develop our Augmented Reality software.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to a technology capable of adding digital data and information, thus “augmenting” the sensory perception of the reality around us. By using devices such as smart glasses, smartphones, or tablets, Augmented Reality combines virtual objects with real ones, creating interactive and enhanced experiences for the user.

The goal of Brochesia’s Augmented Reality software

Although some professions already use technology in their operations, that’s often equipment that does not fully exploit all the innovation potential available today, and therefore does not make it completely easy to carry out work activities.

We strongly believe in a future where wearable technologies are an essential component of business and production processes, and that’s why we devote energies to imagine possible uses and develop specific Augmented Reality software solutions. 

Our solutions are designed to increase and enhance productivity by improving the working efficiency of the operators, with the support of latest generation wearable devices such as Smart Glasses.

Increase the engagement with the new solution Pic+ AR

Pic+ AR

Create innovative and engaging marketing campaigns to increase your sales. Create cultural itineraries with interactive insights. Provide an original tool to facilitate the training of students and employees.

With Pic+ AR you can create unique experiences by exploiting the potential of Augmented Reality to promote your content and products.

Pic+ AR Realtà Aumentata Augmented Reality Brochesia

Check out all the B Suite software

b view brochesia realtà aumentata

B View

Organize your meetings, call, chat and collaborate with anyone, wherever you are.
With B View, you not only offer remote assistance through an Augmented Reality software but, thanks to the many features designed for you, overcome any obstacle on the field.
Collaborate easily, share, and capture real-time information, record your sessions, and share your experiences!

B Step

Digital activity planning and primary task definition allows on-site workers to successfully perform any step-by-step process. With B Step you can follow the workflow by visualizing Augmented Reality content directly from your device, perform checks and maintenance to verify the requests in your Custom Digital Workflow and receive detailed reports at the end of any intervention, always keeping under control the improvements made and the difficulties overcome.

B Demo

Make the visitors feel like they are inside your showroom! You can converse with customers through private demo sessions and easily show your products, facilitating the sales process. There are many unforeseen events that can take the customer away from the offer and keep the buyer distant from the exhibition rooms: thanks to B Demo and an elegant wearable device you can generate a new connection!

B Take

Optimise the warehouse’s goods management processes and provide the necessary support for logistics activities. Open B Take, choose your work list and follow the directions on storage and destination of each product. Works more safely eliminating the uncertainties on the logistics. The structure of your warehouse and the data for each product will have no more secrets for the operators!

Would you like a customized and tailor-made solution for your company?

We offer ad hoc consulting and development services for digital products, in order to design a solution that perfectly meets your needs and in line with your ideas.

Share your needs with us: our team will carry out an analysis of the features most in line with the characteristics of your company. We will help you achieve your goals, creating a tailor-made solution for you.

Brochesia takes care of the training of your team to facilitate the immediate use of our software and provides you with an assistance service to offer all the support you need in a timely manner: you can take advantage of all the potential of Augmented Reality right away.

We provide storage space on the Brochesia Cloud, where you can safely store your files, documents, reports, videos, chats and much more.

If you have other needs, you can also choose the On-Premises solution.

Why choose Smart Glasses?

Brochesia software solutions were designed to allow companies exploit the benefits of Smart Glasses and wearable devices. These are extremely versatile technologies that can be used in many fields to support many activities and tasks, and whose peculiarity is that the operations can be carried out with hands free.

Augmented Reality and mobile devices

In addition to Smart Glasses, our software solutions are fully compatible with any mobile device (tablets and smartphones), in order to give anyone the opportunity to exploit the benefits of Augmented Reality even without the wearable devices’ advantages.

Do you want to use alternative devices to Smart Glasses?
Download the Brochesia app for smartphones and tablets!

With Brochesia you can also collaborate in real time directly from the browser,
whatever your device.