17 January 2020

2020: the ranking of technologies that will revolutionize our daily lives!

For the first time, 2020 won’t be a year dominated by surprising innovations, but we will see the transition from theoretical thinking to the practical application of countless technological projects. glasses: will they be able to replace smartphones?

From hybrid cloud to 5G, from quantum computers to autonomous driving, 2020 will be a year in which for the first time we will see the technologies we have been hearing about for a long time enter our daily lives.

In recent years we have been inundated with a really high amount of information regarding the development of technological systems such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of things, self-driving cars, quantum computers, which, however, have not had a real mass to date in place.

2020 will be the year of practical application of the most important application projects designed to date. Here are the five most relevant:

1- Dissemination of 5G

Milan, Prato, Bari, L’Aquila and Matera will be in 2020, after taking part in the 5G experimentation during the past year, some of the few cities in Italy which will enjoy this fifth-generation technology. Brochesia, compared to this diffusion, in collaboration with Wind and Open Fiber, participated in L’Aquila in the 5G pre-commercial tests required by the Italian Ministry for economic development. This introduction will lead to the production of communication pulses a thousand times more powerful and faster than that which 4G LTE has always guaranteed.

The introduction of 5G within our daily lives will bring about a truly significant improvement in connection, in fact this growth will eliminate the latency time in the passage of audio, video and images forever.

Simply put, we will be able to download an entire TV series in a few minutes, remotely control cars, appliances and robots in real time, thanks to the connection between sensors, cameras and drones there will be the possibility to efficiently manage road traffic and airports.

2- Multi-cloud

All users have always encountered the same need, namely to save their documents, images and videos in a place accessible at any time and especially wherever they are. Hence the need to better manage this need. The technology developed to meet this need, or Cloud computing, has undergone a truly significant development in recent years.

However, a single problem has always been encountered, namely the failure to connect between different cloud services, as if they were watertight compartments.

2020, as announced, will be the year of developments, in fact given the influx of requests not only from individual users, but above all from companies, they will be given the opportunity to take advantage of infrastructures that will integrate public and private cloud services of different suppliers.

This development will not only optimize the costs of the licenses of the single supplier, but above all it will limit the costs of monthly subscriptions.

3- Edge computing

Another technological contribution that will be provided to companies will be Edge computing, i.e. marginal processing. The latter is nothing more than a technological architecture capable of instantaneous access to a large volume of data that is processed in real time without delay and capable of consuming less broadband than expected, since only the most important information.

More simply, some practical examples explaining this technological development could be: the processing of data from the cameras of a factory to optimize the production process, or from the sensors of a machine to find free parking, the ambulance that must transmit patient data.

4- Smart home

Amazon, Apple and Google are the pioneers of a real transformation within the everyday life of each individual user, in fact they are the main producers of one of the most felt technological developments of the last year: smart speakers.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the developments made during 2019 or, turning on the lights or adjusting the temperature of the radiators through the use of smartphones, will no longer be the only novelty, in fact these giants, during the current year, have announced the introduction into the market of even smarter appliances that will no longer need human interaction.

The basic idea is to create a single standard that integrates home automation devices with each other. These products for the home that will offer tech services, will be available for all types of pockets, in fact the launch of these products will bring a decrease in prices such as refrigerators that will become real “all-rounders”: reproduction of the recipes by voice while cooking; warn when a food is expiring; possibility to see what foods are there without even opening the door.

5- Fully autonomous driving

Man has always been a dreamer from the beginning trying to challenge the laws of gravity and physics. Today one of these dreams has come true thanks to the development of technologies, in fact in 2020 it could be the right year to see the machines reach level 5, that is the completely autonomous driving in which the pilot will not have to intervene even in case of emergency, unlike what happens today through level 3.

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