20 April 2022

5 Things to do daily to protect our planet

earth world day

Each of us can make a difference every day to promote environmental sustainability and protect our planet.

Have you ever thought about how simple it really is?

Here are some practical tips to follow:


Water is a precious commodity and it means life for us and our planet, but it is not an inexhaustible source. Not everyone in the world can dispose of them and the gap is getting deeper and deeper because of the climate crisis and the mismanagement of this fundamental resource.

In our little way, what can we do?

When you brush your teeth or lather your body and hair, you have to learn to keep the faucet shut.

It seems a small gesture but in doing so you save about 6 to 12 liters per minute


We experience the problem of mobility and pollution every day.

The air is getting more and more unbreathable in our cities and we spend many hours in traffic daily.

How can we solve this problem?

For example, if each of us stopped using the car and moved by bicycle, we would save 250 kg of CO2 per person per year.

But even where it was not possible to travel by bike already the use of public transport or hybrid cars would make us and our planet breathe.


Since the invention of the light bulb by Edison in 1879 our civilization has changed face. But this resource that we often take for granted is not accessible to everyone and has a significant impact on the environment.

In fact, 80% of the energy comes from fossil fuel, which is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases that we know play a primary role in environmental pollution.

How can we consume less energy?

  • Using LED lamps that convert the incoming energy to 95% compared to classic lamps that stop at 60%.
  • Avoiding standby devices like TV, PC, printer, router.
  • Checking for leaks such as faulty sockets, dated electrical installations.

In addition to the use of renewable energy also technology comes to us by installing a smart house system.


Plastic is literally flooding the world and not only is a lot of oil consumed to produce it, but also a lot of water and electricity.

Even if it is recycled today, this does not happen for all the plastic that is produced and therefore if we can use less of it we can help to cure the environment.

How much do we waste on plastic?

Let us take an example: if 30 bottles are produced with 1 kg of PET, about 2 tonnes of oil and about 1.75 tonnes of water are needed to produce 1 tonne of PET.

This short calculation shows how harmful plastic is.


We know that trees, plants and greenery not only produce oxygen but help to keep the air clean, which is essential especially in large cities.

Did you know that a medium-sized tree can absorb on average about 6 kg of CO2 every year? So each of us can contribute, even in small part, creating a small garden or taking care of some plants.

These are among the many gestures that we can make every day to protect our planet.

Brochesia has always been on the side of sustainability. If you want to know how to make your reality greener contact us.

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