5G Trial Prato – Brochesia alongside WindTre and Open Fiber

The New Network Concept – On the Wire of the Future.

The official baptism of 5G technology for Wind Tre together with Open Fiber starts from Prato and will later also include L’Aquila.

This opens up a new technological scenario that revolutionises current prospects, redesigning our way of thinking about mobile connectivity.

The real challenge of this project will be to prepare “New Ecosystems of Innovation” at the service of the new “5G cities“, where families and businesses can benefit from innovative services that address areas such as health, mobility, safety, prevention and emergency management.

With this goal, Brochesia, as a partner of the 5G Trial project, will be alongside large companies such as Open Fiber and Wind Tre, in order to put technology know-how on Smart Glasses solutions.

The experimentation, the first case in Europe, will last 4 years and will allow you to connect more people and machines among themselves. This is not a simple evolution of the 4G but much more, as explained by Jeffrey Hedberg, Wind Tre CEO – “This is a decisive step in creating partnerships that can accelerate the digitization process in Italy. The 5G is not just speed but is a technology that creates ecosystems to innovate and find new applications in different areas: telemedicine, e-learning, smart homes, smart cities, augmented reality. For the CEO of Wind, this is a “top priority for Europe and will enable Italy to enhance its skills, people, partnership and innovation in its digital transformation path“.

The trial, though addressed to two well-defined spatial spheres such as the cities of Prato and L’Aquila, has large-scale replicable features, it will be possible to improve the system of health care, the enhancement of cultural assets, the improvement of video surveillance services to provide citizens with greater security, thanks to an ultra-fast network and a real-time remote support system.

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