30 August 2021

A smart summer in Augmented Reality? SummAR!

Five quizzes to spend the summer together, five challenges to get closer to Brochesia reality!
Here you find all the solutions of our digital games, but do you really know their meaning?

Connecting the dots from 1 to 30, a chamaeleon magically appears, it represents our company: indeed, the name Brochesia comes from a very special type of chameleon, the “Brookesia”. In fact, our mission has always been to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the way of working that people face everyday. Since when? Since 2014, of course! But you already discovered that Brochesia was founded this year by solving the calculations.

Between many different aims and use cases, our solutions put workers in connection, helping them to easily and efficiently perform tasks and succeed during interventions. Also, all the Brochesia software are supported by the latest generation of Smart Glasses.
So what’s the best benefit to remotely collaborate and share troubleshooting operations? Do it with your hands completely free to focus on your job!

Live a smart summer to connect to relax with Brochesia!



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