Brochesia develops Augmented Reality software solutions with the purpose of making business processes more efficient. Our softwares are available for any kind of Android mobile device, tablet or smartphone, with a special attention to Smart Glasses and to the outlook of an Hands-free wearable technology increasingly integrated within company processes in a IoT and IIoT perspective. Brochesia solutions allow the remote resolution of many issues thanks to the

potential of Augmented Reality, guaranteeing a considerable saving of time and resources.

With Brochesia your technicians will avoid expensive travels: using a Smart Glasses or any other Android device, your experts can receive detailed information and provide punctual instructions to the field technician directly from their desk.

We offer different solutions, specifically optimized for the types of services they are aimed at: for industry, telecommunications, healthcare, safety and inspections, for automotive and logistics.

Our solutions at your service

We offer consulting services and development of tailor-made solutions: we analyze your business reality in order to develop a solution inline with your ideas that perfectly meets your needs.

We take care of the training of your team in order to facilitate the immediate use of our software; you can take advantage of the potential of Augmented Reality immediately.

We put at your disposal an assistance service to offer you in a prompt way all the support you need.

We provide a large Cloud Storage where you can store your files, your documentation and your conversations in high security . If you have other needs, you can also choose the On-Premise solution.








green brochesia

Our solutions respect the environment.

The advantage of working remotely involves not only a significant reduction in costs and time, but above all a reduction in travel and transfers and a reduction in carbon dioxide (C02) and a decrease in pollution levels.

Would you like a personalized solution
tailored for your company?

Share with us your needs. Our team will perform and analysis of the necessary features, in line with your requirements and goals so we will be able to create a solution tailor made for you.