A&T 2020: Three days to enter in the Brochesia solution’s world (STAND B41)

Do you want to better understand what Industry 4.0 means and which are the more suitable choices to undertake to better develop your business?

Then you cannot miss the 14th edition of the A&T annual event, dedicated to innovation, technologies and skills 4.0, which will be held from 12 to 14 February 2020 based in Turin.

This year’s edition will mainly offer to Italian companies and innovative start-up, a highly articulated program that will be freed from training moments and moments full of information. These information and update events, will mainly be aimed at solving problems that Italian PMI face daily.

The three-day agenda will focus on 4 focuses covering the entire production chain, which includes design, production, reliability and logistics, while 8 chains will offer greater focus on the following specific topics: aerospace, food, automotive, automation, energy, pharma, cosmetics, chemistry, mechanics, wine & beverage.

The event will include over 400 exhibitors, both Italian and foreign, who will offer the general public an exhibition, conference and training program with many proposals: technological innovations, meetings and round tables, presentations of application cases and 4.0 solutions, events, conferences and B2B workshops, divided between 4 Competence Points which resume the production process of the intelligent factory: Design, Production, Reliability and Logistics.

Brochesia also this year will have the pleasure of showing its innovative software solutions using for the creation of digital workflow or for the remote assistance, like B View and B Step, to companies that will thus be able to view products and application solutions, ascertain their field of application and their multiple possibilities of use.

The goal that Brochesia has set itself for this year’s edition of the A&T 2020 is to make it clear to companies that will be able to stop at the stand (B41) that the technological innovations designed to be used through the use of SmartGlasses with the advantage of using wearable technology that allows you to work with hands-free, are radically transforming and will continue to transform the management of the manufacturing field and that of many other sectors.

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