13 February 2019

Augmented Reality becomes Mobile Augmented Reality

Recent innovations in mobile technology, cloud infrastructures and wireless networks have made it possible to create Augmented Reality (AR) systems on mobile devices, introducing the research field of Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR).

Digi-Capital sees just in the period 2018-2021 the boom of AR mobile growth, always talking about MR – Mobile Reality with an interesting boost also for the relaunch of the smartglasses market.

Numbers confirmed by recent Research and Market estimates. The report on the global mobile Augmented Reality market predicts the global mobile Augmented Reality market to grow with a CAGR of 65.12% over the forecast period from 2018-2024, bringing the total turnover to 80 billion dollars in 2021.

The possibility of using an AR system theoretically anywhere (thanks to the use of wearable devices), in fact, has suggested innumerable scenarios of use, enabling the study and exploration of new applications previously unworkable.

Brochesia leverages just the functional advantages typical of so-called wearable devices, e.g. Smart Glasses, to develop professional software solutions, optimized to improve business efficiency.
Brochesia software solutions can support various sectors:

  •  industrial
  • manufacturing
  • oil
  • gas
  • energy
  • telecommunications
  • medical
  • security
  • automotive
  • logistics and many more.

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