Augmented Reality for Dentistry: 6th National ASO Day

Augmented Reality for dentistry

The dental sector is evolving rapidly, and the continuous training of dental studio assistants (assistenti di studio odontoiatrico in italian, ASO) plays a crucial role in this context. On March 2nd, at the 6th National ASO Day organized by the I.DE.A. Association, thanks to the invitation of President Rossella Abbondanza and Scientific Director Dr. Donato Salfi, we presented our Augmented Reality solutions for dentistry, designed to elevate the level of training and assistance.

The 6th National ASO Day offered a unique opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the sector and to delve into the updates required by the DPCM of March 9, 2022.

The event, which involved a full 10 hours of intensive training, brought together industry professionals from all over Italy. Among the participants, a prominent figure was Prof. Carlo Guastamacchia, who personally tested Brochesia solutions, appreciating the benefits of Augmented Reality for dentistry, thanks to his experience gained over more than sixty years of career.

Augmented Reality: an innovative approach to dental training
Augmented Reality for dentistry

During the event, we demonstrated how Augmented Reality offers an engaging learning experience, allowing ASOs to access crucial information directly during dental procedures. Through the use of wearable devices such as smart glasses, this technology enables precise and interactive training, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Remote training and efficient collaboration: new horizons for ASOs

Another focal point was Brochesia’s emphasis on distance learning. The Augmented Reality software B View allows ASOs to participate in lessons and training sessions from anywhere, receiving live sharing of the trainer’s point of view and being able to interact with it through various functionalities to promote learning and dialogue. This ensures a privileged view for each assistant, promoting innovative training. Furthermore, efficient collaboration between dental studio assistants and dentists is enhanced by real-time sharing of information through this cutting-edge technology.

However, Brochesia solutions are not limited exclusively to training, and in fact, we also had the opportunity to present Brochesia Mirroring. This software facilitates any intervention within the dental studio, allowing the replication in front of one’s eyes of a screen with fundamental information, such as patient X-rays, by using smart glasses and ensuring maximum freedom of movement to complete tasks hands-free.

The future of dental training is “augmented” with Brochesia

Brochesia’s participation in the 6th National ASO Day highlighted that Augmented Reality can be the future of dental training, and we will continue to innovate to meet the evolving needs of this sector. If you want to learn more about our Augmented Reality solutions for dentistry, contact us to schedule a demo.

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