27 February 2024

Augmented Reality in the mining sector: Horizonte Mineiro

Augmented reality in the mining sector

In the context of mining exploration in Brazil, Horizonte Mineiro Geologic Services Ltda. has initiated an operational revolution through the implementation of augmented reality solutions by Brochesia. We spoke with engineer Salvatore Scervini, Managing Director of Horizonte Mineiro, who embarked with us on the journey of this innovation to enhance efficiency and company collaboration in the mining sector.

The logistical challenge in the mining sector

Horizonte Mineiro, specializing in drilling and exploration for mining companies in Brazil, faced logistical challenges with mining sites spread across vast territories, often in remote and challenging-access locations.

“We needed a system that would allow us to reduce response time for our field activities and could also be used for remote maintenance interventions, avoiding travel, personnel movement, and reducing resolution times for issues, which was not only desirable but also necessary during COVID when site access was often restricted.”

With B View, Horizonte Mineiro found an augmented reality solution that enables intuitive and effective communication between the control center and mining sites, improving interaction among specialists at a distance, sharing the field operators’ perspectives using Vuzix smart glasses and operators’ smartphones. This innovative technology facilitated the orientation of less experienced staff on technical aspects, contributing to continuous training of operational teams.

augmented reality in the mining sector
Through the Brochesia app, the operator receives augmented reality directions from the station on his Vuzix M400

Benefits in the mining sector

The implementation of Brochesia has led to tangible results in the mining sector. In particular, Horizonte Mineiro has:

  • Significantly reduced non-productive operating hours
  • Accelerated response times for preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Improved interaction among employees
  • Experimented with a new on-field training method

These results have been crucial in demonstrating the effectiveness of augmented reality technology in the mining sector.

augmented reality in the mining sector
The remote technician supports the operator in the field by providing assistance with AR features

The key role of Brochesia’s support

Brochesia’s distinctive feature has always been attentive and dedicated customer support, and it was no different for Horizonte Mineiro:

“Brochesia has excellent customer service, and all our doubts or needs were promptly resolved with quality and efficiency.”

This element has contributed to building trust in the continuous use of Brochesia’s augmented reality solutions.

Horizonte Mineiro’s advice

Horizonte Mineiro’s positive experience with Brochesia represents a success story in the mining sector. For companies looking to optimize their activities through technological innovation, implementing augmented reality solutions offered by Brochesia is a strategic step to improve efficiency and corporate collaboration.

“I suggest and recommend anyone looking to optimize their activities to use Brochesia as a support tool. They will see the benefits of using Brochesia as soon as they start using it!”

Through engineer Salvatore Scervini’s testimony and the success story of Horizonte Mineiro, it becomes clear how augmented reality is playing a crucial role in the mining sector, offering effective solutions to address logistical challenges and improve productivity. The combination of advanced technology and adaptability to the specific needs of the industry makes Brochesia’s augmented reality a winning choice in the context of mining exploration.

For more information on our solutions and to discover how to revolutionize collaboration in your business, contact us and request a demo!

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