Augmented Reality Software Solutions
for Smart Glasses and Mobile Devices

industry 4.0 & industrial internet of things (iiot)

Why Augmented Reality software solutions?

Despite the so-called fourth industrial revolution and the IIoT, nowadays 80% of the jobs still are outside on the field, away from computers and often without any technological support. It’s thinking about this immense workforce that we develop our software solutions. Although some professions use technology, these are devices that don’t make it easy to carry out the jobs. We strongly believe in a future where wearable technologies are an essential component of business and production processes, and that’s why we dedicate our energies to imagine possible uses and develop specific Augmented Reality software solutions. Our solutions are designed to increase and enhance productivity by improving the working efficiency of field workers, especially with the support of latest generation wearable devices such as Smart Glasses.

Why Smart Glasses

Brochesia develops software solutions to take advantage of the possibilities offered by Smart Glasses and wearable devices for the benefit of companies. Smart Glasses are extremely versatile technologies that can be used in many fields to support a great number of activities and tasks. Thanks to Smart Glasses, operators can work with their hands free.

Mobile Augmented Reality

In addition to Smart Glasses, our software solutions are compatible with any mobile device (tablets and smartphones), in order to give anyone the opportunity to take advantage of Augmented Reality without the typical advantages of wearable devices.

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