B Med - software solution for the health and medical sector

B Med is a software solution for the specific needs of the health and medical sectors, in particular it can be applied to the Emergency Room, during activities in the operating room and for remote health care. Furthermore, it is a valid support for Medical training and optimizes the control and maintenance of medical machinery.

B Med software solution is ideal for Smart Glasses devices, which allows communication between the medical personnel in the field or in health facilities and remote staff or with patients, by sharing the surrounding scene through Augmented Reality (AR) , thus promoting remote medical care.

B Med is a software solution that uses wearable Smart Glasses and allows a great freedom of movement and the ability to operate with both hands free.

The various features offered are: audio / video streaming of the activities going on in emergency medicine or in the operating room, sharing and recording videos and pictures of various procedures, sharing registered files and view the medical reports via secure data transfer, to facilitate the learning of medical and health issues.

It also represents a valid support for the remote health care service to allow patients to communicate with doctors at a distance, facilitating medical assistance and optimizing the need for hospitalization.
Finally B Med is able to optimize control and maintenance activities of medical equipment, which must take place periodically, with a considerable saving of time and costs. The result is to provide an optimized and fast assistance, managing to intervene in real time in the most serious situations and improving patient care.

First Aid


Medical Visits

Medical Training

Emergency Room

Operating Room

Discover some of the possible uses of B Med to take advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) healthcare with Smart Glasses


B Med is a valid support for medical visits: whether it is public health or a private clinic, thanks to the use of Smart Glasses, the doctor can devote more time and attention to the patient while a remote assistant completes the report, the diagnosis and prescription of therapy. The doctor has direct Augmented Reality access to the patient’s medical record, which he can consult while taking care of the visit thanks to the possibility offered by Smart Glasses to work with his hands free. After the visit, the specialist has no choice but to review and sign what has been completed by his assistant.

The doctor gets rid of the need to transcribe the data to the computer, with a 15% time saving that he can use to dedicate himself to the patient with greater attention.

The visit data can then be recorded both in the cloud and locally, with the on-premise solution, guaranteeing security and inviolability; B Med integrates with the main EHR systems and electronic medical records.

Frame the patient

Evaluate the medical record


The assistant remotely compiles diagnosis and therapy

Sign the documentation

First aid

With B Med, you manage first aid emergencies more efficiently. The nurse wearing Smart Glasses can instantly check patients’ medical records and share their vision with the hospital or clinic by receiving any directives from a specialized doctor in case of criticality.

Remotely, the doctor can promptly indicate, thanks to Augmented Reality, any interventions that require timeliness, just as if he were in the patient’s presence.

Emergency room

B Med is also designed to improve the efficiency of queues, one of the main problems of the first aid of the health service.

Thanks to the use of augmented reality glasses, the receptionist can have the patient’s medical record under control, share the surrounding environment with a doctor who remotely provides support for a preliminary diagnosis and for assigning codes . The result is reduced waiting times, efficiency of the clinic and greater patient satisfaction.

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Puglia – the first Italian region to adopt the software solution for smart glasses devices, to provide immediate support, in real time, to healthcare professionals on board the 118. The solution allows you to communicate in audio / video streaming and share digital content on time real, with your hands free, through the use of wearable devices. (video produced by

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