B Med - software solution for the health and medical sector

B Med is a software solution for the specific needs of the health and medical sectors, in particular can be applied to the Emergency Room, during activities in the operating room, as regards the service of remote health care, it is a valid support for Medical training and optimizes the control and maintenance of medical machinery.
B Med software solution is a dedicated for devices Smart Glasses, which allows communication between the medical personnel in the field or in health facilities and remote staff or with patients, with the sharing of the surrounding scene through Augmented Reality (AR) , thus promoting the remote medical care.


B Med is a software solution that uses the wearable Smart Glasses and allows a great freedom of movement and the ability to operate with both hands free.
The various features offered, such as audio / video streaming activity going on in emergency medicine, or in the operating room, to share and to record the videos and pictures of procedure done, the opportunity to share files registered and view the medical reports via secure data transfer, to facilitate the learning of medical and health issues.
It also represents a valid support for the distance health care service to allow patients to communicate with doctors at a distance, facilitating medical assistance and optimizing the need for hospitalization.
Finally B Med is able to optimize the control and maintenance activities of medical equipment, which must take place periodically, with a considerable saving of time and costs.
The result is to provide an optimized and fast assistance, managing to intervene in real time in the most serious situations and improve patient care.


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