1 December 2021

Brochesia @ Politecnico di Milano for the conference on startups and companies’ digital transformation

osservatori digitali

Today startups, companies and public administrations’ digital transformation is an unavoidable process that in the last two years has saw a great acceleration.

This was the main theme of the conference “Startups and companies in digital transformation: Open Innovation to accelerate the recovery”, organized on November 30 by the Startup Intelligence and Startup Hi-Tech Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano.

The conference shed light on digital investment priorities, organizational challenges and the role of Open Innovation for Digital Innovation in businesses for 2022.

There were several speeches by company managers, experts and researchers who explored topics related to digital transformation, business innovation before and during the pandemic, business dynamics and start-ups’ growth.

The results of the 2021 research of the Startup Intelligence, Startup Hi-tech and Digital Transformation Academy Observatories was also presented, through which the trend of investments and the status of the national entrepreneurial ecosystem were illustrated, with a focus on the actions implemented by the different components during this year.

It was showed that in 2021 66% of large companies and 26% of SMEs saw an acceleration of the digitization process. Among the services with more investments there are Cloud services, to facilitate and rethink the way we develop and live work and communities, and Information Security.

To access further data and materials of the event, please visit the following link.

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