20 June 2024

Digital workflow for Enel X construction sites: La SIA’s use case

An operator performs inspection with B Step digital workflow for construction sites

Creating a digital workflow to manage activities at construction sites is an innovative method for optimizing field operations and improving overall project efficiency. In this context, La SIA (The Society of Engineering and Architecture) has successfully adopted our B Step software to improve its dynamic inspections at Enel X construction sites.

La SIA: The Society of Engineering and Architecture

La SIA is an Italian company that operates in the field of engineering and architecture, offering highly specialized technical services. Originally established to cover the telecommunications sector, La SIA has expanded its expertise to include a wide range of engineering and architectural services. Established in 2004 with its first office in Rome, it has grown over the years to reach a total of 8 operating offices in Italy and more than 150 resources, including architects, engineers and technicians, able to guarantee its clients a wide range of specific skills.

The initial need for La SIA

The initial need for La SIA was to find a tool that would allow dynamic inspections to be conducted with field personnel while ensuring certification of the quality of the inspection and the type of photo and video images collected. The need was to have an intuitive and secure platform that would facilitate communication and data collection during field inspections.

The possibilities offered by digital workflow for construction sites

La SIA found the ideal solution in our B Step software. This tool was implemented to perform verification inspections with companies installing and implementing projects financed with Public Administration (PP.AA) bonuses. B Step provides the ability for operators at construction sites to perform digital workflows on their mobile devices, collect data efficiently, and facilitate the transmission of the collected information. Once these field activities are completed by the managers of the companies that are carrying out the construction work, La SIA’s supervisors receive automatic and detailed reports, which allow them to check the progress of the project without the need to visit the site, thus also contributing to the reduction of emissions due to travel.

Main benefits of using Brochesia

  1. Structure of the platform: B Step is distinguished by its comprehensive architecture, which ensures stability and reliability during use. This is critical for La SIA, which needs safe tools to operate in specific contexts such as construction sites.
  2. Technological security: The platform offers high standards of security in data transmission and collection. This aspect is crucial to protect sensitive information collected during surveys and ensure data privacy.
  3. User engagement in the field: Brochesia facilitates interaction between field staff and remote operators, enhancing collaboration. This makes surveys more efficient and reduces the margin of error.
  4. Quality certification of inspections: The ability to certify the regularity of inspections and images collected allows La SIA to maintain high quality standards and provide tangible evidence of inspections conducted

For these reasons, La SIA strongly recommends the use of Brochesia software, highlighting the seriousness and professionalism of the management, the attention to the customer’s needs and the continuous technological innovation offered by the platform.

The adoption of digital workflow for construction sites, through the use of Brochesia’s B Step software, has enabled La SIA to significantly improve its site inspection processes. The platform has provided a quick and cost-effective solution, effectively meeting the company’s needs and improving the quality of the data collected.

La SIA’s positive experience with Brochesia demonstrates how advanced technologies can transform operations at construction sites, bringing tangible benefits in terms of efficiency and quality.

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