Epson Moverio BT-35E

The Epson Moverio BT-35E Smart Glasses are highly responsive devices with low latency


These Smart Glasses are suitable for the healthcare sector, engineering and more.

They are binocular devices with stereoscopic vision, transparent lenses and SI-OLED matrix. They are perfect because they allow you to view a wide range of low-latency content from multiple devices via HDMI or USB-C connectivity.

Not only do they have a practical design, with a perfect fit even for those who wear eyeglasses, but they are also very resistant while being quite light.

epson moverio bt 35e

Why choose Epson Moverio BT-35E Smart Glasses?

Ideal platform for Augmented Reality

The binocular display with transparent lenses guarantees an extremely engaging Augmented Reality experience, 3D funcionality and stereo front camera with three-dimensional depth sensor that detects the size and position of multiple objects.

Perfect fit

These Smart Glasses can be worn by anyone.

Thanks to their functionalities and the structure designed for maximum comfort, these Smart Glasses can be worn repeatedly and are designed to adapt to any appearance, regardless of the shape and size of the head.

Hands free

Thanks to the practical neck strap, visitor can easily wear and remove the Smart Glasses while keeping their hands free.

This way, in an industrial context, the worker can carry out his tasks, hands free, just by wearing the device on his head.

The controller keys can be customized or disabled to considerably simplify the interaction.

SI-OLED technology

What do we mean for SI-OLED? It is the acronym of Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is a technology that allows to create color displays with the ability to emit their own light: unlike liquid crystal displays, OLED displays do not require aditional components to be illuminated (liquid crystal displays are illuminated by an external light source), but produce their own light. Silicon-based OLED technology is one of Epson’s strenghts. Epson invests considerably in research and development to keep its leadership in the field of projection technologies.


Ideal for eyeglasses wearers

The Epson Moverio BT-35E Smart Glasses are designed to be worn without problems over eyeglasses. The new nose pads also ensure a perfect fit.

HDMI or USB-C connectivity

Instead of using its own controller with Moverio OS, this model has an interface box that allows you to connect a wide range of devices by using HDMI or USB-C connectivity.

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors

Thanks to the liftable blackout screen, the Epson Moverio BT-35E Smart Glasses allow you to switch between indoor and outdoor environments without problems, displaying the contents in any lighting condition.

Excellent image quality

The 720p HD display with high brightness ensure a sharp image and vivid colors. This latest-generation smart glasses offer high image quality for photos and videos. By using Brochesia software solutions it is possible to adjust the brightness of the room during work activities.