Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000

BT-2000 Smart Glasses are the innovative and multimedia model of Epson, designed to improve work efficiency


This device allows you to easily perform complex tasks in a professional environment, quickly and intuitively, thanks to the visual indications provided and the possibility of having your hands free.

These Smart Glasses are a bit heavier than the Epson models: BT-300, BT-350 and BT-35E. But they present themselves with a more resistant design and suitable for industrial work environments.


Why choose Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Glasses?

Hands free

The Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Glasses are designed to be used in harsh environments such as factories, manufacturing industries, construction sites; where having working with hands free is essential for the technician or worker to perform their tasks in the best way.

They are suitable for use in contexts and work sectors where freedom of movement is essential.

Precise position locator even indoor

In addition to the GPS sensor, the device incorporates Epson’s IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), which consists of a high-precision motion sensor with a significantly lower margin of error than traditional sensors.

In case of lack of GPS signal reception the viewer is therefore able to accurately detect the movements of the wearer.

Remote assistance

The  Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Glasses offer the opportunity for employees of large companies to work together, especially if they are located in distant locations.

Remote assistance comes from the combination of softwares:

Brochesia solutions (which we invite you to explore) and Epson’s hardware. The 5-megapixel high-resolution central front camera allows technicians to share what they see so as to provide assistance to perform complex tasks thanks to the streaming or HD recording of images and videos.

Easy to use even for long periods of time

Thanks to its practical design and the possibility of replacing the batteries (even when hot) these Smart Glasses with Moverio OS can be used for a long time without problems.

Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Glasses battery has an average battery life of about 6 hours.

They are therefore ideal inside a factory or climing on a trellis. Brochesia proposes B Safe, the software solution for inspections. Come to know its features.

High performance

This device is characterized by its practical and reliable design with IP54 protection leve, which means that the device is resistant to dust and dirt and resistant to light water splashes. It is therefore ideal for prolonged use in difficult environments.

Augmented Reality

The binocular display with transparent lenses guarantees an extremely engaging Augmented Reality experience, 3D functionality and stereo front camera with three-dimensional depth sensor that detects the size and position of multiple objects in the space.

Numerous connectivity options

These smart glasses are compatible with the latest wireless connectivity standard (bluetooth, WI-FI A/B/G/N/AC and Miracast). Epson Moverio can be easily connected to a wide range of devices for receiving data and high speed content.