Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2:
The smarter, faster and safer Glass

A wearable device for smarter and faster work


Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the ideal wearable device to boost your hand-on work.

The small and light Smart Glasses is provided with a transparent display to facilitate a clear the visualization of the context. This wearable computer helps companies improve the production quality and supports operators to work smarter, faster and safer.

The innovative Smart Glasses is designed to be worn all day long with its comfortable and light profile. It connects workers and professionals, giving the possibility to provide practical and effective assistance, access training videos, images annotated with instructions, or quality assurance checklists that help them get the job done.

Why choose Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

Extra hight video and live streaming quality

The expert remote assistants’ “point of view” video has never been streamed clearer over Wi-Fi; enjoy the hight quality of the 8MP camera of Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Upgraded CPU

This wearable device has been improved with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 to ensure better performances and assistance uses such as onboard computer vision and machine learning.

Remove workflow distractions and improve work quality

Easily activate the applications you need just using voice commands. Wearing Glass helps you stay engaged and focused on high value work by removing distractions to get the job done, safely, quickly and to a higher standard! Count on various tools to improve your work accuracy.

Collaborate from anywhere

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can immediately connect you with you colleagues. Share your experiences and expertise to right where you are. Collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time, inviting others to “see what you see” through a hight quality live video stream.