20 October 2021

October is Cybersecurity: Brochesia on-premises installation is discounted for the whole month!

October is the European Cybersecurity Month, established by the EU to raise awareness among the Member States’ citizens on the prevention and combat cyber threats, today an important issue that requires the utmost attention.

Technological progress in the telecommunications, the expansion of high-speed internet networks coverage and the distancing imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have in fact given a big push to the digital transition of the ways of working together between professionals.

Brochesia values this aspect on a daily basis, implementing several actions aimed at increasing the online security of its users: encrypted communications, periodical vulnerability checks, automatic recognition, filtering from attacks and protection from DDoS.

The on-premises installation of its software is an option available to its customers: Brochesia can in fact bring its remote collaboration software directly to the companies’ local servers as in the most common video calling services: the communications remain within the corporate infrastructure, end-to-end encrypted.

If you are considering for your company a remote collaboration software with an on-premises installation, for October Brochesia offers an important discount on this version of its solutions. Contact us without obligation: together we will evaluate the most suitable option for you!

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