Realwear’s Smart Glasses: the voice-activated devices with a practical design

Realwear’s Smart Glasses are a latest generation device that is easily wearable and designed to be used in industrial contexts.

Realwear, an American company leader in the field of voice-controlled devices, has been working with Brochesia for several years to create a work tool that is suitable for different scenarios and work sectors.

Realwear’s Smart Glasses are easily wearable devices that allows the wearer to carry out various work activities with hands free.

They are suitable for those who wear eyeglasses or safety glasses; and it is possible to attach the device to a protective helmet where it is necessary.

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Why choose Realwear’s Smart Glasses?

These monocular devices with a long battery life specifically designed to be used in the industrial sector, that can safely be used through voice commands, without a controller or remote control, even in extremely noisy environments.

Get to know all the features of Realwear’s Smart Glasses. Choose the model that’s right for you…

Discover the benefits of Realwear’s Smart Glasses

Realwear’s Smart Glasses mean safety, security and stability.
They are the latest generation wearable devices that allow you to carry out any activity with hands free and without having to use a controller.

Simply wear them and manage your tasks with just your voice.

What are the benefits?

Hands free

Realwear’s Smart Glasses have a hands-free, voice-controlled user interface that allows workers to use the tools and equipment needed to carry out their activities, even while climbing a scaffolding or a tower.

This device allows the worker to keep his full awareness of the situation and maximum productivity.

Outdoor and Indoor environments

Realwear are equipped with a torch and a 16MP camera. These devices can be used even in dark places like tunnels.

Brochesia offers the possibility to adjust the quality of the camera, that offers excellent visual and recording quality, even in sunny places. Realwear’s Smart Glasses have proven to be a versatile and high-performance product.

Vocal commands

Realwear’s devices are innovative as they are used without the help of a remote control, but only through voice commands.

Simply wear them and manage all activities with just your voice. Every action is performed through voice commands, they are not invasive and allow you to carry out any activity.

These Smart Glasses allow you to do any job, leaving the wearer’s hands completely free, so you can perform complex tasks and receive all the information you want directly on the glasses’ lenses, without being distracted from your work.

Augmented Reality

Brochesia solutions, together with Realwear, use the features of Augmented Reality.

The adoption of these technologies allows a worker to easily access valuable information that can make it easier to carry out work activities.

Through the features of Brochesia it is possible to anchor images and photos in the technician’s field of view. Remote support can also draw (choosing the color too), to make the technician focus on a particular point, and then anchoring the drawing on the glasses’ lenses.

Remote support

The B View solution, together with Realwear, remotely supports workers or technicians.

Workers are offered real-time assistance by expert technicians using B View technology.

Experts can see what workers see with a very high image and video resolution.

With B View the staff on the field will be able to activate a streaming audio/video session and share their point of view with the remote operator, who will be able to help the colleague or client during the operations.

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High-risk contexts

Realwear’s Smart Glasses have been designed for difficult work environments, where the worker must reach considerable heights or work on large machinery and equipment.

These devices are resistant to both high and low temperatures.

They are waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant.

They are ideal in difficult work environments.

Thanks to these features, they are a good support for the wearer. They also help the worker in difficult scenarios, where having a suitable device is a must.

Realwear’s Smart Glasses fields of application

What are the fields of application where you can use Realwear’s Smart Glasses?

These devices have a practical design and are resistant and waterproof.

They are created to be adaptable to any working context:

from poorly lit environments, like tunnels, to the sunniest outdoor environments. This device’s properties guarantee excellent results.