12 May 2020

Remote Support and Augmented Reality? Here’s what the 2020 market responds to

Remote assistance and augmented reality united to help organizations during the pandemic.

What are the challenges, trends, growth factors but above all the dynamics that have influenced and will influence the market for solutions that provide remote support?

The software solutions that Brochesia develops are, today more than ever, the perfect combination that combines remote assistance and augmented reality, for business continuity and the growth of the latter in the future.

In recent years, digital transformation has been the priority for industrial organizations that are looking to move forward in Industry 4.0. The desired advantages that have led the companies to adopt different types of technologies are that of being able to increase productivity, create a connected workforce and undertake after-sales assistance contracts that do not need to be moved by expert operators. In the current market environment, organizations that have already integrated the technology into their operations are well positioned to practice business continuity during the severe difficult time.

Many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, showed a strong interest in the remote assistance software solutions developed by Brochesia. The main motivation that pushed companies from the most varied sectors is to be able to continue customer service and avoid operational interruptions both in the field and in its production structures.

The following five points highlight how companies leveraged remote assistance and augmented reality to continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the positive long-term impact that Brochesia’s software solutions could have on organizations.

1. A radical change is that of the attitude of companies towards 4.0 technologies.

The business models of the companies within which remote support intervenes, is based not only on the support of the latter in the sector of production, sale or maintenance of company production, but above all in the completion of on-site visits by expert employees installation or maintenance of the various equipment.

Brochesia’s software solutions are developed to reduce the reliance on site visits and to allow teams, through its innumerable features, to interface remotely with customers and improve efficiency, being able to perform resolutions and diagnoses. remotely.

2. Provide excellent quality support, but remotely.

The main objectives that the companies that adopt these particular solutions are to provide remote support to technicians in the field and to support any activity that requires the presence of an expert technician in the field. To achieve these goals, Brochesia offers B View. The solution combines the ease of use of devices, wearable Smart Glasses or Android devices (Smartphone and Tablet). With B View, field staff have the opportunity to activate an audio / video streaming session and share their point of view with the operator remotely, who can help the colleague or customer during maintenance or repair operations. Or it can likewise offer rapid remote support, reducing or eliminating the need for travel altogether.

In addition, the field worker can receive, share and acquire information in real time, with a considerable saving of time, especially during emergency scenarios, for example in the event of a production line interruption. Or it can follow and support machinery control and maintenance activities. It is therefore possible to share knowledge and experiences also to train workers in the field faster, using interactive audio and video in real time.

3. Implement rapid and radical changes globally.

With modern remote assistance tools, time-to-value can be rapid and this requires minimal user training which is extremely minimal given its intuitiveness.

4. Turn a short-term agreement into a business growth opportunity.

The example of the many companies that have chosen to entrust their activities to Brochesia‘s Software solutions, demonstrates not only how remote assistance technology can guarantee business continuity during a global pandemic, but also the immense potential to further exploit the solution when the company returns to a more normal state.

The advantages that this type of technology has brought to the modernization of the individual business activities are evident, such as the possibility of reducing the transfers of specialized technicians to provide support, thus substantially reducing the costs of running the business and at the same time managing to provide excellent remote support service.

5. Accelerate change today to create business development in the future

With the use of the solutions that Brochesia develops, it is fully demonstrated how remote assistance and augmented reality can favor internal operations and end customers in this unprecedented crisis. But this isn’t just a quick fix, there are long-term benefits to using remote assistance that could lead to significant business growth after the pandemic. Remote assistance is a key tool for the operations served, a business model that offers profitable advantages now and in the future.

The current crisis has forced organizations to think innovatively in order to guarantee business continuity. The time has come to examine the operational changes implemented during the pandemic and consider how this alternative method of interacting with customers could help in the future. Organizations such as OSAI, Sibur, Informaticad and many others who have foresight and use technology to implement long-term changes will emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

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