An "augmented" experience for the public and visitors

Museums, theaters, cinemas and other culture venues have always seen technological innovation as an opportunity for new approaches to their activities. 

B Demo is the solution developed by Brochesia for all these contexts. This software, which can be installed on Smart Glasses, enriches the experience of cultural products and events with Augmented Reality, while ensuring high comfort for users.

B Demo is also aimed at the media and new media. This solution allows to produce, record and share information material in real time, providing great help to journalists, reporters, event organizers and editorial groups.

Use cases in the culture sector

Digital experiences

Augmented Reality
live tour

Live streaming
& reportage

…whatever you can imagine!

A success story: guided tour in Augmented Reality
to the church of San Carlo in Modena

As part of the Modena Smart Life, a digital culture festival held in September 2021, Brochesia – in collaboration with WindTre and the staff of the Collegio San Carlo Foundation in Modena – organized some guided tours of the church of San Carlo in Augmented Reality. The guide, wearing the Smart Glasses on which the B View software was installed, was able to provide the public connected remotely with indications, specific details and a point of view on the church, showing contents and functions in Augmented Reality that have enriched and made unique the visitor’s experience.

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