Real time communication and safe work in power plants

Augmented Reality is taking on an increasingly important role in the energy sector, especially when it comes to improving safety standards and productivity in plants.

B View, the Brochesia solution for remote assistance designed for Smart Glasses, allows technicians to remotely carry out a number of activities such as plant maintenance, training sessions, audits and many others, with a significant cost and time reduction.

Every task is done in complete safety, thanks to the high-definition sharing of what is seen by the technician and the possibility of working with both hands. All information can be shared and recorded, and quickly found from wearable devices, PCs, smartphones or tablets. Thanks to Smart Glasses, for example, it is possible to record any operation and use it later for analysis or training.

To manage the workflow, plan all the operational steps and get reports on the activities carried out, Brochesia has also developed B Step, a solution that can be perfectly adopted even in large energy plants and designed to improve delicate operational processes such as maintenance and inspections, with full freedom of movement. Using B Step, the technician is able to execute complex operations step-by-step and quickly and correctly carry out any operation.

Brochesia’s proposal for the energy sector is completed by B Take, a software dedicated to logistics and goods management. Thanks to B Take’s features, the operator can optimize the warehouse management process, check information on goods directly on his Smart Glasses, find their location, read transport information and much more.

Use cases in the energy sector

Problem solving

Training & eLearning

Maintenance, repair & operations (MRO)

Inspections & site survey

Audit & quality control

Installation, test & commissioning

Remote support

Remote collaboration

Process automation

Production assistance


…whatever you can imagine!

A success story: L&T Power

L&T Power is an energy company part of the Larsen & Toubro Group, Indian multinational technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate. Its capability spectrum covers coal, gas, nuclear and renewable power projects, and its expertise encompasses every aspect of design, engineering, manufacture, construction and project management. L&T Power chose to adopt Brochesia’s solutions to implement remote assistance in its plants. 

“L&T Power executes large projects on EPC basis as well as having manufacturing operations. Frequent monitoring of projects is an essential part of Project Management. Regular inspection at vendor premises and by our customer is an integral part of our operations. The Brochesia software and the Smart Glasses have been very useful in Remote monitoring and conducting inspections remotely by us and our customers. This has indeed reduced our need to travel and has shortened our inspection cycle time”.

Viral Shah, L&T Power Digital Team

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