Industrial Production

Automation and real-time data exchange for improved productivity

As part of Industry 4.0 and the automation processes within the industrial production plants, Brochesia provides its customers with specific and customizable software designed for small, medium and large enterprises.

The B View software allows the company to easily implement remote maintenance and assistance services by expert technicians through the use of Smart Glasses. The technician, through the operator’s point of view, will be able to quickly identify the problem and guide him to the resolution, with significant savings of execution time and without compromising the plant production cycle.

Brochesia has also developed B Step, a dedicated solution to digital planning of industrial activities. B Step allows plant workers to correctly perform any process step by step while the technician, remotely connected, follows the workflow by viewing the contents in Augmented Reality, performs checks and receives detailed reports at the end of the intervention.

With B Step, the operator, following step by step the workflow displayed on his Smart Glasses or mobile devices – even in Augmented Reality -, will be able to complete any activity with the correct procedures and receive detailed reports at the end of the intervention.

Finally, B Take is the Brochesia solution that optimizes the management processes of warehouse goods, providing the support needed for logistics activities and simplifying the operators’ organizational work.

Use cases in the industrial production sector

Problem solving

Training & eLearning

Maintenance, repair & operations (MRO)

Inspections & site survey

Audit & quality control

Installation, test & commissioning

Remote support

Remote collaboration

Process automation

Production assistance


…whatever you can imagine!

A success story: Lavazza

The Turin-based company leader in the coffee industry has chosen B View to make its production chain more efficient, in particular in relation to video-assistance activities on the plants. Previously, maintenance and technical support activities were necessarily carried out by telephone or in person, greatly extending the execution times. Thanks to B View, technicians are able to check the status of the machines from any location, share information and remotely guide operators equipped with Smart Glasses by sending diagrams and indications in real time. The operators are able to correctly follow the step-by-step instructions and to quickly and accurately solve the problem by working hands-free. It is also possible to record and store what has been recorded by the device, to use it later for training or analysis.

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