Information sharing with the operations center and maximum freedom of movement

Augmented Reality and the sharing of the surrounding scenery through the use of Smart Glasses can also be a significant support for the security sector.

The B View solution, developed by Brochesia, allows law enforcement and public and private security services, firefighters and civil protection to share their point of view and quickly communicate with a remote operations center. The field agent can receive, through B View, indications, documents and other data directly on their Smart Glasses, so as to be able to carry out all operations with his hands free using only voice or gesture commands. Also, the audio and video recording of what is captured by the Smart Glasses can be stored and then shared or analyzed.

Brochesia also provides the security sector with B Step, a solution designed to support the proper execution of complex work processes. With B Step, the agent will be able to analyze the workflow directly on his Smart Glasses or PCs, smartphones and tablets, and carry out all the instructions needed to complete the task safely, reducing the risk of error.

Use cases in the security sector

Support to law enforcement and public and private security services, firefighters, and civil protection

Remote assistance
& emergency response

Training of new recruits

Inspections and site surveys

…whatever you can imagine!

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