24 March 2022

The Future of the cities of the future: how innovation will drive sustainability

Smart cities are already a global reality and their economic and social model has shown its ability to improve people’s quality of life.

And it is certainly a model to be imitated if we are to tackle effectively the problems that affect the future of our planet.

Through the digitalization of the city with the use of Big Data, Augmented Reality, Internet Of Things, Cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technologies a large number of data can be processed and collected that allow governance to make much more effective decisions about the environmental impact of mobility, the quality of services for the health of the citizen and more generally for the management of resources.

For example, because of the Pandemic we discovered how it is fundamental to find tools and solutions that allow us to connect remotely.  In particular, Smart Cities have found solutions to adress health needs by implementing the Tele-Health that allows doctors and health professionals to offer an effective service even from a distance.

Technological innovation and digitalisation also enable the radical transformation of transport systems and consequently the improvement of air quality and the construction of buildings with a near-zero impact.

The design of cities will be increasingly guided by choices in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

A crucial role will therefore be played by digitalisation and innovation, which, once adopted, will enable us to move towards a better future for all.

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