9 January 2020

Smart Glasses or Smartphone?

The era of smart glasses: will they be able to replace smartphones?

Will augmented reality (Smart Glasses) enter in our lives so much that we can replace our beloved smartphones? This is the question that all users are asking themselves.

To demonstrate this theory, just look at the fact that there is no colossus to date that is not already preparing for this eventuality, developing and preparing its strategies towards an era governed by augmented reality.

It seemed impossible but, in the short term, the devices that totally revolutionized our way of communicating will gradually go by the wayside, just to be replaced by augmented reality viewers, also known as Smart Glasses.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and many other giants of the 21st century are projecting their future in the development of applications that will be incorporated and consequently viewed by users directly on the Smart Glasses.

In addition to the projection, as shown by the well-known video of the designer Keiichi Matsuda, users will no longer need to interact through the use of their hands and therefore will no longer need to type to perform operations, but will only have to talk to a virtual assistant.

Will this new era totally upset the way we communicate?

This new era will not only upset our way of communicating, but will also affect the personal sphere of users, managing to get to our hobbies and passions.

In fact, the games will become more and more pervasive and realistic through the projection of holograms, the videos and the photographs will be more and more suggestive, while in regards to physical elements, such as the monuments, the latter will be enriched with purely digital information.

In addition to the dialogues, at a certain point the hands will also join by means of small gestures (for example a rapid movement to the right to delete a document, or to ignore a notification), which will further increase the affirmation of the insertion of the augmented reality in our lives.

In a nutshell, augmented reality will superimpose the digital world onto the physical one, merging the two environments and allowing you to live in both at the same time, while today we have to alternate the two experiences by extracting the smartphone from the pocket (or sitting in front of the computer).

Unfortunately, this new perspective is still far from its realization as, in order for Smart Glasses to receive their deserved success, unlike they are today, they need countless developments that make them not only light and comfortable, but above all they need considerable power.

In conclusion, we can say that although the road ahead is still long, we must never lose sight of the final goal.

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