2 March 2020

Smart Working: how technology is used to prevent Coronavirus!

Can new technologies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Smart Working?

The Smart Working terminology has been one of the most used terms in the last few days within the world society since, in this strong state of emergency caused by the now known Coronavirus, many companies have been forced to implement this working mode within their business plan.

But let’s see what Smart Working is:

it is not a simple telework, which involves an elementary shift of the employee’s desk in his home, but it is a different conception of the term work. Times and tasks remain identical, while in Smart Working there is a different degree of flexibility in the work activity.

smart working

The Ministry of Labor defines it as “a way of executing the subordinate employment relationship characterized by the absence of hourly or spatial constraints and an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between the employee and employer; a method that helps the worker to reconcile life and work times and, at the same time, encourage the growth of his productivity “.

In this state of global emergency, most of the cities hit hardest by Coronavirus have adopted this working method. After the contagion also reached Italy, in the last week about 570 thousand Italians have chosen Smart Working as their working method to prevent the increase in contagion.

Since the smart work mainly involves the coordination of several people from the same team, tools must be used which need to be available on PC and smartphone and, above all, must encourage the sharing and editing of data in real time.

In this context, the Brochesia software solutions offer benefits that go beyond sending a simple email or writing in WhatsApp group.

The main benefit that Brochesia offers is to combine three different business needs in a single application solution:

  • the possibility of establishing audio/video communication with a mentor/trainer/colleague;
  • possibility of remote multi-conferences;
  • the possibility, during both communications, to open a chat in real time.

Furthermore, through the Brochesia portal, staff working from home can receive, share and acquire information in real time. The communication made can then be recorded on the Brochesia Cloud in the form of videos and photos. The material can be shared and viewed both in real time and at a later stage.

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