15 March 2022

Techabulary #6 – Mentor

“Mentor” is simply the best way to define the remote expert connected with the frontline workers of the company. Thanks to the latest generation of optimized video collaboration applications, such as Brochesia B View, on-site operators can easily connect with experts in real-time, from anywhere.

Remote teams’ necessities to connect worldwide in order to work together and share peer-to-peer expertise and the number of challenges they are facing are quickly evolving: that’s why the AR technologies world is responding by designing innovative solutions to help deliver accurate, secure and real-time information.

On-site workers, who are often acting in hazardous environments, need to safely and efficiently connect with remote experts to achieve the goals especially thanks to the mentor expert guidance. Also, this truly innovative remote collaboration tools, like smart glasses, are the main support for teams to overcome travel restrictions troubles, to reach globally dispersed stakeholders and deal with the augment of company regulations and logistical obstacles.

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