Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging technology for Smartphone, Tablet and Smart Glasses


The Thermal Camera is a device that forms a heat zone image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.

The Thermal Camera by Seek allows experts to immediately see problems invisible to the naked eye.

With the camera it is available to detect disruptions before they become problems.

These systems make it easy to take thermal photos and video, share findings, and send for documentation.

thermal camera

Thermal Camera Seek Thermal Compact Pro

How to use the Thermal Camera?

Simply connect the camera to the chosen device and once the camera is recognized the Brochesia application will open directly, and it will be very easy to use.

Infrared thermal imaging has become available to everyone, it is no longer prohibitive in terms of costs, it is a tool that is widely adopted.

Find out the technical characteristics of the Thermal Camera

  • Transform your smartphone or tablet into a high resolution thermal camera with a 320 x 240 thermal Sensor
  • Perfect tool for contractors, inspectors, outdoorsman, engineers, and DIY homeowners.
  • Does not require batteries or charging. Waterproof case included. Free seek mobile app.
  • Specs: 320 x 240 thermal Sensor, 32° field of view, < 9 Hz frame, focusable lens, -40F° to 626°f detection, captures photos & videos, spot temperature, high-low temperature, threshold mode, 9 Color palettes, auto & adjustable span/level control, 4 emissivity presets

What can the Thermal Camera do?

  • Spot loose connections


  • Inspect floor heating


  • Diagnose bad valves


  • Detect energy Loss
  • Detect corroded fuses


  • Find overloaded circuits


  • Spot overheating pumps/motors


  • Locate unbalanced loads


  • Find loose connections