Vuzix Blade

Vuzix Blade smart glasses are the latest generation devices with a practical and smart design


At first glance they really looks like sunglasses, but they are actually a easy-to-wear mini computer.

The lenses are photochromic and protected from UV rays.

Vuzix Blade are the first Augmented Reality Smart glasses with Wave-Guide technology.

vuzix blade ar smart glasses

Why choose Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses?

What do we mean with Wave-Guide?

Vuzix‘ next generation wide-field-of-view wave-guide optics. This monocular system features HD displays with a large full-color 60 degree field of view (FOV) stereo image, the largest commercially demonstrated FOV system from Vuzix to date.

They are perfect for any user and offer advanced features for the hands-free mobile computing needs.

Perfect for sunny days!

Vuzix Blade offers a wearable smart display with a transparent visual experience that uses the Vuzix’s wave guide optics and the Cobra II display engine.

It’s like having all the needed information on the screen of your computer or smartphone with you, wherever you go.

Augmented Reality

It has been designed to make it possible to display superimposed information in Augmented Reality.

Thanks to the Brochesia software solutions it is possible to receive AR images on the screen, to draw and to send your drawings in AR. Both images and drawings can be anchored in the visual space, allowing the Vuzix Blade wearer to receive instant information and be able to continue to work hands-free.

Imagine using the B Med solution in the hospital to easily receive patient data directly on the lenses, or using the B Safe solution to receive mapping information to proceed with an inspection, the images can be overlapped but without hindering the wearer’s work the devices.

Great design, easy to wear

Finally, fashion meets technology: the Vuzix Blade smart glasses are comfortable and suitable for any shape of head, because they look like sunglasses with black and thick plastic frames but inside they have a cutting-edge hardware system.

Touch panel and vocal commands

Vuzix Blade devices are innovative because they are used without a remote control, but can be used through the touch panel located on the main unit and through voice commands. These Smart Glasses allow you to do any job, leaving the wearer’s hands completely free, so you can perform complex tasks and receive all the information you want directly on the glasses’ lenses, without being distracted from your work.

Hands free

Vuzix Blade allows you to have your hands free and have access to digital information and collaboration tools, to improve existing workflows and use the advanced features of automatic visualization of Augmented Reality content.

High performances

Head-Tracking: the device is equipped with head tracking sensors and has the same wireless connectivity as the M300 smart glasses.

The 8 MP camera can record and photograph 1080 pixels.