Vuzix M300

The Smart Glasses Vuzix M300 easy to wear for the industrial market


The Vuzix M300 smart glasses are oriented to the industrial market. These devices are easy to wear, light and efficient.

TheVuzix M300 is a computer that can be mounted with a tiny monitor that is used like a monocular eyewear, adapting to the shape of the head of whoever wears it.

These devices offer a hands-free digital world. By simply wearing the M300 you can istantly access all the information you want.


Why choose Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses?

Hands free

The M300 smart glasses, with their monocular structure, allow you to work hands-free and at the same time have access to all the information both on the display and in audio and video streaming thanks to the innovative Brochesia software, a solution that goes well with the M300. This way, the workers  can keep doing their job without distractions.

Advanced commands

The innovative Smart Glasses M300 offer the user a unique experience through advanced commands such as touch pads and head tracking: this means that the device detects the movements of the head thanks to a large number of detection sensors, the integrated monitoring of the head offers a perfect display for those who receive images and video remotely, since the M300 has a front camera for capturing photos, 64 GB of built-in memory, a touch pad for controls, speakers, microphones for voice control and noise cancellation and an 860 mAh battery.

The M300 is a computer that adapts to a small and light frame.

Augmented Reality

Vuzix M300 uses Augmented Reality.

The M300 devices can also be used for Augmented Reality applications, where the wearer has a real world view enriched with computer-generated information.

Among the main features of Brochesia, it is possible to anchor images and photos in the wearers’ field of view, without diverting attention from their activities.

Another characteristic of Brochesia is the anchored drawing: the remote support can draw freely and anchor the drawing in the space, so as to support the work of the smart glasses’ wearers.

Different sectors

The M300 can be used in different working environments. It improve existing workflows and open up new opportunities in the industrial, medical, commercial, etc. fields

High performance

M300 use Intel Atom processor. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes it ideal to pair it with Android devices or for wireless Internet connection via Wi-Fi.