Vuzix M300XL

The Smart Glasses with an integrated high resolution monocular display


Vuzix M300XL is a wearable, Android-based, portable and robust device with an integrated high resolution monocular display.

The Vuzix M300XL provides all the features of a computer, and can be worn and used in different sectors, but especially in the industrial field.

The latest Vuzix M300XL model was designed to be even more functional and efficient than its predecessor VuzixM300.

It was created to improve the work of companies and industries through technology.

The Vuzix M300XL model has had numerous hardware performance upgrades, which work perfectly with the Brochesia software.

Vuzix M300XL improves even more the hands-free experience, allowing a unique, efficient and accurate access to information, data collection and audio and video streaming communication offered by Brochesia, including the multi-conference between 3 users, audio and video recording , document sharing and data transfer in real time.

It is a device that have been built for the industry. Its new design and feedback system offers greater agility in the workplace, maintaining all the extraordinary features of the M300.

Both M300 e M300XL are compatible with Brochesia software.

Why choose Vuzix M300XL Smart Glasses?

Improved performances of Smart Glasses Vuzix M300XL:

Uses standard USB ports

Faster focus and image stabilization, up to 3 times faster than the original M300 camera

Longer battery life with integrated LEDs for battery level alerts

Improved power management

New 16 megapixel camera

An external USB port for WI-FI USB that offers WI-FI 2.4 Ghz is included

Touchpad and vocal commands

The Vuzix M300XL devices are innovative because they are used without a remote control, but through the touchpad located on the main unit or through voice commands.

Smart glasses allow you to do any kind of activity, leaving your hands completely free, allowing you to perform complex tasks and receive all the desired information comfortably on the monocular lens, without being distracted from your work.

Hands free

The user can operate the device without using his hands.

Smart Glasses allow you to have your hands free and have access to digital information and collaboration tools, to improve existing workflows and use the advanced features of the automatic display of Augmented Reality content.

Easily wearable

The Vuzix M300XL smart glasses, like its predecessors, are ergonomically designed to fit anyone. They feature a monocular display and an integrated processor.