26 September 2019

What is 5G? Find out the new technology

Before we talk about how Brochesia is experimenting with 5G, let’s try to learn more about what we mean by 5G network in just a few steps.

5G is the future of Internet connection. It is the new generation network that will surpass the current 4G LTE.

It won’t simply change the connection speed. A new bandwidth and a latency lower than the previous standards will make the 5G a real revolution in connectivity.

What are the benefits of low latency?

A lower latency will allow those who will use the mobile network to take advantage of a series of services that have so far been prerogatives of other media.

The fifth generation will be the best to play online without problems and, thanks to cloud gaming, the user will not need a powerful tool to play.

Low latency will be a fundamental requirement for cloud computing, a paradigm of services providing offered on demand from a supplier to an end customer through the network.

This service is considered by many to be the next major change involving telecommunications networks.

Even the streaming services, in particular video streaming services, will have a very high resolution content, fluid and immediately available.

It will be the era of mobile devices, and Brochesia is at the forefront of 5G experimentation through smart glasses, which, thanks to a more powerful low-latency network, can be even more efficient.

Brochesia augmented reality is testing the benefits of 5G technology

Brochesia provides software solutions based on augmented reality for mobile devices (smart glasses, smartphones and tablets) and, in collaboration with Wind and Open Fiber, has participated in 5G pre-commercial trials requested by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, in which its software based on augmented reality is demonstrating the advantages of 5G such as: low latency and high bandwidth availability in a “5G city”.

Therefore, in the context of these studies, Brochesia was involved in 3 different use cases:

Smart security in 5G

The first case is Smart Security for Smart City: it aims to implement a Law Enforcement solution, through the use of smart glasses equipped with integrated cameras, supplied to street agents and connected to the 5G network, in order to make the management of citizens more efficient and faster, during both daily operations and emergency situations;

This case has the purpose of testing innovative and advanced solutions to guarantee a greater level of security to citizens thanks to the use of technological devices supplied to the security forces.

smart security city
Smart Security

The agents will be able to promptly realize if there are emergency situations or possible risks, to intervene in advance or react promptly, in coordination with other agents, emergency vehicles, operations center and reinforcements.

Furthermore the preventive and coordinated interventions of the security forces combined with this kind of technology will allow to increase the personal safety of the agents.

The objective is to guarantee a greater level of security to citizens by using innovative technologies that allow the security forces to immediately know the state of emergency of an event, to simplify and optimize coordination and intervention activities.

The high speed download / upload features of multimedia content and the low latency of 5G  will greatly help security services in the described scenario.

Find out the advantages of the software solution B Guard.

Augmented Reality in art

The second use case is in regarding to Cultural Heritage.

The goal is the enhancement of cultural heritage, offering a new and enriched experience of an immersive 360 degree visit of art installations and museums, with digital content displayed through AR and online visors.

It can also be used in modern art installations, in which the “augmented” content becomes itself a creative tool and an integral part of the installation itself.

This type of intervention has already been tested and the 5G context is very important for a greater extension of the artistic scope of the installation. The applications of AR can be experienced both remotely and in presence, and can favor the knowledge or works of art and monuments.

smart glasses epson moverio bt 300
Art in Augmented Reality

Tourism can promote the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. Experimenting with AR solutions applied to cultural heritage will allow us to offer new and enriched experiences while visiting museums, archaeological sites and historic buildings, and the use of multimedia contents can make interaction with culture extremely engaging and rich in content.

The enhancement of cultural heritage with AR technologies has the advantage of attracting and bringing tourists and citizens closer to the national cultural and artistic heritage, therefore improving the social, cultural and economic status of a location.

These new technologies will allow museums to offer new services, since they can be used as an effective vehicle of communication to increase visits with an immediate and direct impact on all tourism related activities.

Find out the advantages of the software solution B Media .

Medical Assistance in 5G

The last case is E-Health, devices for medical support: in the medical field, what matters is the accuracy and the speed of data and information reception, and this is possible through the use of the Brochesia software, the Smart Glasses and the medical devices connected to the fastest network.

As an innovative services and solutions provider, Brochesia foresees, through this experimentation, a strong impact in terms of both social and economic utility.

The use case aims to create a telemedicine service, for remote medical consultations, through the use of smart glasses and medical devices connected to the 5G network.

The objective is to test the effectiveness of the services offered as drivers to increase the efficiency of a healthcare facility, reduce its cost, increase patients’ quality of life and in some cases testing them as life-saving services.

This experimentation aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the 5G technology and network to meet an increasingly growing need to optimize the management of patient care and the search for new solutions that allow access to healthcare to a higher number of people every day, who, in the absence of these services, would resort to traditional structures, with an inevitable increase in the costs of the health system and of the services that can be a burden to the community.

smart glasses vuzix medico
E-Health in 5G

The experimentation of the telemedicine service will test the exchange of diagnostic and audio / video information flows in real time and ultra-wide band with remote qualified medical personnel simulating emergency health scenarios, where access is difficult or it is necessary to intervene promptly and / or the medical team is not available on site, with great efficacy of intervention and reduction of time and related costs compared to traditional services.

For this experimentation, smart glasses devices and the Brochesia platform will be used: these devices allow doctors and nursing staff to work freely with the support of information exchanged in real time and high definition audio / video communication with remote specialized medical personnel.

In the E-Health services panorama, we want to test a remote monitoring service for patients suffering from chronic diseases in order to verify the effectiveness of the 5G network in a ‘mission critical’ type application for the control of a series of vital guidelines, for which data is required to be collected in real time.

The application introduces a new approach for the use of a specialized support service and the remote assistance to doctors and patients, through the use of the so-called “wearable” devices.

In particular smart glasses can facilitate audio / video streaming communication between remote medical / nursing staff and the one present in the hospital structure.

Basically in all ordinary emergency situations, remote video / audio communication in high definition between doctors and even between doctors and patients will be tested.

Find out the advantages of B Med, the software solution for medical support.

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