19 March 2024

Augmented Reality for Automotive: Brochesia and TEXA

Augmented Reality for Automotive

The Automotive sector is driven by technological innovation and the need to provide increasingly efficient and personalized service. In this dynamic context, the collaboration between Brochesia and TEXA, a global leader in the design of diagnostic tools for the Automotive sector, represents a significant step towards the future of technical assistance. We spoke about this with Riccardo Celebrin, Aftersale Office Manager and Augmented Reality Project Manager at TEXA, to delve into the benefits of Augmented Reality for the Automotive industry.

TEXA’s Mission

Founded in 1992 by Bruno Vianello, TEXA has marked its path as a global leader in the design, industrialization, and construction of multi-brand diagnostic tools for the Automotive sector. Its initial mission was to “create tools for mechanics to solve faults in vehicle electronic control units, whose diffusion began in the early 1990s. From there, the development of exhaust gas analyzers, air conditioning maintenance stations, ADAS calibration devices also began” said Celebrin, pointing out how the operational horizon has also expanded to include sophisticated inverter systems, vehicle control units, and electric motors for hybrid and electric propulsion vehicles.

TEXA’s Need and the Choice of Brochesia

TEXA turned to Brochesia with the aim of ensuring real-time remote support to customers and its own collaborators. As emphasized by Celebrin, “the company has developed an increasingly strong interest in adopting technologies to overcome the limitations of conventional means such as emails and phone calls” leading TEXA to seek innovative solutions in the field of Augmented Reality for the Automotive industry.

The decision was, therefore, to equip its collaborators with smart glasses and a software that would allow remote interaction with technicians. The chosen solution consists of the Epson Moverio BT-45 CS, a binocular model of smart glasses produced by Epson, and B View, Brochesia’s Augmented Reality software for remote collaboration.

This resolution was also driven by the “clear vision that after-sales service is assuming a fundamental role, becoming an integral part of the product and the main means to establish long-term relationships with customers” leading TEXA to identify Brochesia as a perfect solution to address the challenges of technical assistance and training.

The Benefits of Augmented Reality for the Automotive Industry

This combination allows technicians to wear smart glasses and use the software to share perspectives, receive and acquire real-time information, and provide interactive training directly in the field.

Augmented Reality for Automotive

The use of Brochesia solutions by Texa translates into several operational benefits:

  • Perspective Sharing: Smart glasses allow sharing the customer’s perspective with the remote operator, enabling hands-free operation.
  • Reduced Travel: Thanks to real-time information sharing, such as electrical diagrams or excerpts from manuals, and Augmented Reality interactions, the need for physical travel is reduced, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Faster Training: The use of real-time interactive audio and video allows for faster and more effective on-field training of workers.
  • Visual Documentation: The ability to capture images or record videos of the intervention for detailed documentation.

“All of this translates into the creation of a unique environment where technicians can share and acquire documentation, record service interventions, and have an operator supporting them as if physically present in the same room.”

Brochesia: A Recommended Choice for Technical Assistance

TEXA unequivocally recommends the use of Brochesia solutions to other companies, emphasizing how the collaboration has transformed technical assistance into a more effective, dynamic, and future-oriented experience in the Automotive sector.

“Personal knowledge in technical and communication fields allows an individual to excel in any activity. And it is precisely this latter aspect, communication, that I wanted to focus on. Through B View, we have the opportunity to translate our knowledge into a universal language, that of imagery.

Smart glasses thus become a means through which we interpret the dimension around us, enriching it with augmented reality.”

To learn more about the collaboration between TEXA, Brochesia, and Epson, we invite you to watch the following video. If you want to know more about Brochesia’s Augmented Reality solutions, you can contact us for more information and request a demo.

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