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With B View you can offer Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Assistance. The features of the B View solution combine the practicality of use of wearable devices, Smart Glasses, which allow you to work Hand-free, with the ability to perform activities in complete freedom and safety.

With B View, field staff will have the opportunity to activate an audio/video streaming session and share his point of view with the remote operator, who can help the colleague or customer

during maintenance or repair, offering quick remote support, reducing and removing need for travel. Furthermore, the field worker can receive, share and acquire real time information with a considerable saving of time. It is therefore possible to share knowledge and experience to quickly train field workers, using live audio and video.
The session can be recorded on the Brochesia Cloud in the form of videos and photos and the material can be shared and viewed both in real time and later.




Machine control



augmented reality remote assistance

B View is the solution that allows collaboration between a field technician and an expert who offers Augmented Reality (AR) remote assistance and Know-How for the resolution of many issues reducing travel expenses, service costs for both the company and its customers, and offering considerable time savings.
The storage in the cloud of the information collected during the assistance guarantees the traceability of the interventions and allows the technicians to exchange and share skills. The recorded material can also be organized and used by the company to support the training of its personnel.

supporto da remoto realtà aumentata

Installation and maintenance of machinery

Installation and maintenance of machinery are operations that technicians needs to perform with the support of manuals and other documentation. B View allows your technicians to benefit from immediate remote assistance thanks to the power of Augmented Reality. The technicians can also consult all the documentation he needs without compromising his operating capacity: with Smart Glasses, in fact, he can have at a glance everything he needs while still having hands-free.


Find out the advantages of our solution for remote assistance



An increase in company efficiency and productivity



An increased quality of work thanks to the remote assistance. Fewer mistakes



A reduction in time and costs for intervention activities



A chance to manage more activities at the same time



Real-time remote teamwork



New employees are supported in performing every kind of activity



Workers can share the same field of view even when they are in different places



Minimizing the transfer of resources means reducing CO2 emissions

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a practical example

You have just commercialized a new industrial machine. The technology used is ahead of the times and extremely efficient but it is also very complex and delicate, and requires careful supervision to avoid inefficiencies. Some foreign industries really liked your project and they decided to adopt it. The parameters of the machinery are constantly monitored automatically, but you receive a call from the customer who urgently needs assistance regarding a weird malfunction whose nature is unknown. You assume possible solutions and communicate them to the technician who, however, does not have a clear idea of how your machine works. At this point you need to send your engineer: to buy a plane ticket and leave in a hurry to avoid costly idleness to your customer.
With Brochesia solutions, the scenario is completely different. Your expert stays in the office, at his desktop, where he can immediately consult all the necessary documentation and provide remote support to the field technician thanks to the augmented reality AR. The result? Efficiency in time and use of resources, thanks to an Android device and your Brochesia solution.

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Fix it

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