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Brochesia awarded by Ferrovie dello Stato

Brochesia has been awarded by Ferrovie dello Stato as best innovative project within the call of “Boost your ideas”, organized by Lazio Innova.

It was an intense training path in which we had the opportunity to increase our knowledge and skills.

We had trained professionals who guided and supported us in this professional growth.

The project presented was B Take for the management of Logistics and warehouses in Augmented Reality.

We thought about this solution because today’s logistics is increasingly complex, articulated and speeded up.

Processes must always be more efficient and effective, they must reduce the time, the errors.

B Take removes these obstacles by exploiting Augmented Reality and thanks to the use of Smart Glasses, laser readers optimize the processes of managing goods in stock, facilitating the picking and inventory activities for operators.

Its advantages translate in always having hands free during the activities, reduction of the errors and therefore of the costs and the operating times,

It also enables effective remote collaboration, which also reduces the impact on the environment.

Yesterday the awards took place and among the forty-six companies and startups that participated we were awarded as best project by one of the two main partners of the initiative, Ferrovie dello Stato

We are proud of our goal and look forward to working with Ferrovie dello Stato.

If you are interested in knowing and trying our solutions in Augmented Reality contact us.