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sustainability waves

Sustainability Waves: Brochesia for sustainability

In the last article we explored the difficult situation of climate change underway. A problem that has always pushed us to implement our solutions, in order to promote sustainable collaboration. That’s why we are very happy to have taken part in Sustainability Waves, the Cariplo Factory report on companies committed to sustainable innovation. Sustainability Waves […]

Google Glass

Google has stopped selling Google Glass

Google Glass has been a popular talking point since its launch in 2013. During those years, wearable technology promised to revolutionize the way businesses operated, providing hands-free access to critical information and improving efficiency. In fact, the possibilities offered by this type of device and by Augmented Reality are constantly expanding. However, as of March […]

Chat GPT

Chat GPT: how communication will change

These days we have heard a lot about Chat GPT and not only in trade magazines, but really everywhere, including social networks. Why all the fuss? For years the theme of artificial intelligence and its potential has been a subject of interest and several questions have been asked about the real advantages and its limits, […]

school of future

Brochesia for the school of the future

From 15 to 16 december we will be at the event organized by KnowK: “The school moving towards the 4.0”. Today we talk about how our Augmented Reality solutions can help improve e-learning by integrating it perfectly with traditional teaching models. All our solutions are designed to promote inclusiveness and are customizable to the specific needs […]

New Space Economy

Brochesia at New Space Economy 2022

From 1/12 to 3/12 we participated in the New Space Economy European Expoforum, which was held at the Fiera di Roma. For three days, the Fiera di Roma was the center of the space world, with an international event, with an intense and participatory comparison between the players of the institutional, industrial, financial sector, up […]

Aeromart 22

Brochesia at Aeromart 2022

From 30/11 to 1/12 we will participate in Aeromart 2022 in Toulouse, the most important international business convention for the aerospace industry, which has reached its 14th edition. The trend topics that will be touched this year are: Supply chain optimization initiatives Digital continuity Aviation sustainability roadmap Digitization Ethics and sustainability Human capital Attracting talents […]

denkmal 2022

Brochesia and the Lazio Region win gold medal at denkmal 2022

From 24 to 26 November we participated, together with the selected companies from the Lazio Region, in denkmal 2022, the most important European fair for the preservation, restoration and renovation of historic buildings and monumental artistic heritage. This was certainly an exciting experience, which culminated on Saturday 26 with the presentation of the gold medal […]