10 March 2020

Closed gyms? Technology and Smart-Gym

Today technology has become a part of our lives at 360 degrees. Closed gyms? No worries, because thanks to the latest technological features it is possible to exercise at home while staying connected to the outside world.

Unfortunately, during this growing state of emergency, in addition to the closure of schools and most public and private facilities, sports facilities also suffered these consequences.

Training at home, however, is not appreciated by everyone despite the fact that it has always been an extremely economical solution and used to maximize time.

Often, in fact, what is most feared is the idea of ​​having to train alone, of not having the constancy to follow the workouts and of finding yourself in front of the TV in a short time.

Technology in this sense meets our needs by managing to keep us connected through simple steps.


What are the ways to stay connected while exercising remotely?

Training at home means to set up a safe space in which to carry out your exercises by yourself. These are workouts that if done correctly and consistently can give a lot of satisfaction and very similar results to those that can be obtained in the gym.

Training at home is not for everyone, because if you want to do it almost completely independently, you certainly need a mental elasticity and a basic knowledge of what it means to exercise.

But what if you have always been training in the gym and have no idea how to start at home? The web, in this case, can help a lot.

To cope with this delicate moment that our society has been forced to face, gyms have immediately reached the shelter, taking full advantage of technology. Online courses, private personal trainers via webcam, constant connection with their customers: these are just some of the services that sport facilities are offering to maintain contact with their customers.

But what if the structures are not so advanced to be able to use these techniques that keep up with the times?

Opportunities are not lacking and as always, what matters is having the right desire for rates and the ability to always get back into the game with what is available at the moment.

In fact, there are many ways in which people with different lives organize their own activity such as following tutorials through youtube channels, groups present within social media, or apps accessible from smartphones.

Those who need to train in company can do so through Brochesia B Talk portal with their friends, creating a group chat and performing the exercises all together, as if they were in the gym. Through the B Talk solution we have the opportunity to offer your communications through a schedule of exercises to be performed during the day or all at the same time.

Determination and commitment are the strong points that can change the particular situation in which we find ourselves, with new ways of training and relating to others. We can discover that sometimes it is enough to train the mind and be more elastic to always find excellent alternatives to live peacefully.

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