15 April 2022


Giornata mondiale salute

World Health Day is celebrated every year on the occasion of the founding of the WHO on 7 April 1948.

But access to fair treatment, disease prevention policies and mental health support are unfortunately still a mirage for most of the world’s population.

Covid-19 pandemic highlighted even more these inequalities regarding access to quality health services, vaccines, support in social policies.

For this reason, we need to work to ensure that every person on this earth has the opportunity to own a space of weal-being.

The link between the health of our planet and our own has become even more evident. As the WHO claims, the climate crisis is also a health crisis. In an increasingly polluted world, urgent action is needed to keep humans and nature healthy and to raise awareness of sustainable behaviours. Because we often forget that a few daily actions are enough to protect our environment and we can all make a difference.

We are all called to change our habits, exploit new technologies to create a fairer world, strengthen “tele-medicine” as a tool for prevention and training for doctors and healthcare professionals even at great distances. Sharing knowledge means building together the world of tomorrow, a healthier tomorrow.

You want to do your part? contact us to know the solutions of Brochesia that can support you in this path towards a more sustainable future!

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