8 April 2021

Interview of the magazine Meccanica with our CTO Christian Salvatori

Below is the interview with Christian Salvatori, CTO of Brochesia, from the special issue of Meccanica magazine about MECSPE 2021.

Remote work in augmented reality – by Andrea Mazzoli

Brochesia is a market leader in the supply of software compatible with the most different smart glasses, to support companies and professionals from all over the world. We talk about it with the General Manager Christian Salvatori.

Technology was created to facilitate, improve and open new opportunities to the daily working life we ​​are all used to. In recent years, technological innovation has led to the development of solutions that have changed both the context for which they were designed and the mentality of those who use them. In this direction, the Brochesia team, led by Christian Salvatori, has been able to stand out for its solutions capable of bringing companies and professionals from all over the world closer to the benefits of augmented reality.
Born in Italy in 2014, Brochesia has grasped the potential of augmented reality in industrial production contexts, meeting in an innovative way the efficiency and optimization needs of work processes. “Years ago, I was asked to create viewers on which to run some information – says the General Manager -. From this episode we have grasped the great potential that augmented reality and wearable devices such as smart glasses could have in a business environment. We therefore decided to invest in the development of the Brochesia idea, putting together a young team with high technological expertise that could shape this intuition».

Brochesia develops software that can be used on different types of smart glasses, also suitable for use in difficult contexts and situations such as on construction sites, on pylons, inside a factory, a plant or in the management of machinery when it is working. What are the possible use cases?
«There are many different use cases. Our B View software and the Brochesia suite give the opportunity to any company in any sector to improve their working performance or remotely carry out its operations, to make remote training sessions or give assistance to their customers assembling machinery without being on site and much even more. These are needs that in recent years had already affected all production sectors, but it is with the restrictions due to the pandemic that it has become even more urgent for companies to equip themselves with these tools».

With its international customer portfolio, Brochesia is a point of reference in a constantly evolving sector such as digital services. What are the main reasons why companies rely on your experience?
«Today we stand out for the strong vertical integration of our solutions. The flexibility and access modes to our software are perfectly suited to the needs of the different product sectors. Our suite is compatible with most of the devices on the market, entirely web-based and available both on the Brochesia cloud and on-premises, for example with a customized installation on the customer’s server or cloud».

What are the possible future scenarios?
«We are working on several new features for 2021. We have recently released the voice-to-text simultaneous translation service in our software suite, which makes communications between Brochesia users around the world more effective and faster. We are also close to launching the new version of our most popular B View software, which will include a full update of new services, features and a totally revised interface».

Regarding your solutions, what are the most appreciated features by users?
«Definitely the effectiveness and ease of use, features that allow full operation, a reduction in work execution times and total control of the devices (also via voice commands), while always keeping the hands free. Brochesia also provides ongoing support and guides its customers in the use of its software, training and updating them every time new features are released. Finally, I would like to underline how much the “green” side of our business is also highly appreciated: being able to move less also means producing less CO2 and making our cities more traffic-free and livable».

The digital transformation of the Italian companies is at the center of the current political debate. What is Brochesia’s position?
«Digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and the related automation and interconnection processes are now at the top of the priorities of many Italian companies. Optimize management and execution times, improve work safety standards, contain the operational costs, reduce travel and increase productivity: it is to fully contribute to the achievement of all these goals that Brochesia offers its solutions. In this respect, we are glad play our part in enhancing the digital transformation process of the Italian companies».

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