Show customers your products... remotely!

In a fully globalized world, in recent years retail companies have highlighted the need to be known to a wider audience. If on the one hand the product promotion today is much easier online, on the other hand the inability to test, see and touch the item in person – as in a showroom – still limits the customer’s online experience.

Precisely to meet these needs, Brochesia has developed B Demo. Thanks to Augmented Reality, B Demo is able to replicate remotely on Smart Glasses, tablets or smartphones the experience of visiting a showroom, to create virtual “fashion shows” or sample demonstration sessions. The in-store seller, thanks to the use of Smart Glasses, will be able to guide the user on a visit with complete freedom of movement, showing the demonstration materials previously uploaded to the Brochesia Cloud. Furthermore, every single session can be recorded in high definition, uploaded to the cloud and then shared with customers who took part in the session, or proposed again to new leads.

Use cases in the showroom sector

Virtual showrooms

Product demonstrations

Sales negotiations

…whatever you can imagine!

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