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Smart Glasses Epson: The wearable device with Augmented Reality

The Smart Glasses Epson Moverio offers a wide range of models that are adaptable to different contexts, from the manufacturing industry to the medical sector.

Epson, Brochesia official partner, presents a large variety of Smart Glasses models that can be used in different sectors and working environments.

Their handiness and comfortable design are an added value for any field of application.

The extraordinary experience of Augmented Reality through the latest generation of binoculars is a must-try.

You will have a new view of the reality that surrounds you, live a unique and unrepeatable experience and work will become a pleasure.

Through Augmented Reality it is possible to anchor images as photos in the operator’s field of view, but not in an invasive way.

This will give the chance to the Smart Glasses wearers to continue carrying out their activities while receiving information without being distracted from the work they’re doing, but rather being supported.

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Why choose a Epson Moverio Smart Glasses?

The Epson Moverio Smart Glasses are easily wearable and light, and can help you in any work-related activity through the practical control pad. They are built to be used in difficult environments and, despite of their delicate design, they are shock-resistant.

Get to know all of Epson’s Smart Glasses’ features. Choose the right model for you…

Discover all of Epson’s benefits

The Epson Moverio Smart Glasses are easily wearable devices, easy to use and suitable for different contexts. From the operating room to the construction site, from a factory to a museum.

The use of these devices guarantess considerable savings to companies and an optimization of time and costs.

What are the advantages?

Augmented Reality

The binocular display with transparent lenses guarantees an extremely engaging Augmented Reality experience, 3D funcionality and stereo front camera with three-dimensional depth sensor that detects the size and position of multiple objects in the space.

The Brochesia software solutions are designed to increase and enhance productivity by improving the working conditions of those working in the field, especially with the help of the latest generation devices.

Through Augmented Reality it is possible to anchor images and photos in the device wearer’s field of view.

Another feature proposed by Brochesia is the anchored drawing: the remote support can freely draw and anchor images in the space to support the work of the technician/user that is wearing the Smart Glasses

Hands free

The Epson Moverio smart glasses, thanks to their wearability, are ideal for working hands-free in industrial contexts where freedom of movement is essential.

Practical use

The buttons are intuitively arranged, with easily recognizable shapes, and can be pressed even when wearing protective gloces.

The integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display brightness to ensure an optimal visibility. It is possible to remotely adjust the brightness of the camera and the call’s quality in dark spaces.

Different sectors

The Epson Smart Glasses are perfect for any environment, they can be used in difficult contexts for a long period of time and some of them, like the BT-2000 and BT-2200, thanks to their integrated protective helmet, are recommended in areas where safety is the top priority. The Epson controller is long-lasting, non-slip and dustproof. It was designed to be suitable for any workplace.

Positioning sensors

In addition to GPS, the device incorporates Epson’s IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), which consists of a high-tech precision motion sensor with a lower margin of error compared to traditional sensors.

Remote support, as in the case of B Guard, can give directions to the operator who wears the Smart Glasses to guide him in the right direction through interactive maps.


High Autonomy

Thanks to its practical design and the possibility of replacing the batteries (even when hot), the Epson Smart Glasses can be used for a long period of time without problems.

Epson Moverio’s Smart Glasses’ battery has an average battery life of 6 hours.

It is therefore ideal for long working hours jobs as in a hospital, for example in an operating room, where a high level of concentration is needed.

Brochesia offers B Med, the software solution for medical assistance ,

Come to know its characteristics!

Remote Assistance

Remote assistance comes from the combination of the Brochesia software solution (which we invite you to explore) and the hardware: the high-resolution 5-megapixel front camera allows technicians to share what they see in order to provide assistance to perform complex tasks thanks to the streaming or HD recording of images and videos.

Fields of application
What are Epson Moverio Smart Glasses fields of application?

These device’s multi-functionality can be used in different sectors.

For example, for site inspections, we recommend the Epson Moverio BT-2000 and BT-2200 Smart Glasses, equipped with a controller with a protective case and a protective helmet, with our B Safe software solution.

For healthcare assistance we recomment the Epson Moverio BT-300, BT-350 and BT-35E Smart Glasses: practical, light and with a comfortable design that allow the operator to carry out the activities in real time, safely and with hands free.

The B Med software application is the ideal solution for the medical sector. The Smart Glasses’ touch controller is highly sensitive and guarantees audio and video streaming communication, secure data transfer and medical reports recording that can be viewed immediatly or reviewed later, sinche they are saved in the Brochesia Cloud.

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