12 November 2021

Techabulary #3 – Ocular dominance

ocular dominance

As you may already know, smart glasses can be monoculars and binoculars. They are two different approaches to the same technology, each with unique advantages depending on the field of application and the preferences of the person wearing the device.

Before wearing a monocular smart glasses it is necessary to make some adjustments so that the display is positioned in an optimal way, with a good focus and all visible. But having to use only one eye, which one to choose?

Both eyes send a visual signal to our brain, but one has higher visual acuity. In fact, each of us has a dominant eye, which sends the main information, and a non-dominant one, which integrates that information, acts as a focus and gives three-dimensionality to the images. There is a good chance that your dominant eye is the right one: about the 90% of the world population, in fact, is right-handed and often who has right hand dominance has a right eye dominance too.

As well as who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, the concept of ocular dominance is important in the field of monocular smart glasses and in general in all those activities – such as photography, sports or astronomical and microscope observation – where it is essential to better frame a target or aim at something.

There are several ways to determine which one is your dominant eye. At Brochesia, when we participate in live demonstrations, we like to let you try the overlapping hands test:

dominant eye

  1. Overlap the fingers of your outstretched hands leaving a small triangular hole in the middle
  2. Place them in front of your face keeping your arms straight;
  3. Keep both eyes open and aim an object away from you in the center of the hole;
  4. Now keep one eye closed, reopen it and close the other: your dominant eye is the one with which the object is still centered.

That’s why when you take a photo you always use the same eye!

Now that you know everything about your dominant eye and how to find it, you are ready to adjust your monocular smart glasses. ????


Source: US National Library of Medicine | Lentiamo

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